Com Truise remixes Foster The People

Com Truise remixes Foster The People Ohhhh we are in love today with this sun bleached Com Truise remix of ‘Helena Beat’ by Foster The People. Crying synths, and mournful electronics in that unmistakable Truise style work perfectly with the vocals of the original for the ultimate Friday jam.

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New Music – Yerevan Tapes

New Music - Yerevan Tapes We are fans of Yerevan Tapes at EB – mainly because they release some very pleasing on the ear compositions but also because all their release are also free to download. Instead of having to seek out physical cassettes of the music – which we sometimes do, but find the pleasingly aesthetics are tempered by the annoyance of obtaining cassettes that have been pressed in tiny quantities and then finding the cable for the tape player. With their second release abotu to drop we though we should share some for a tape by Gianni Giublena Rosacroce called La piramide di sangue. It’s pretty stunning – think Arabic drones, and middle eastern minimalism that is highly musical and stoner hypnotic. You can get it right below. Enjoy.


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Download a track from the new Oneohtrix Point Never album

Download a track from the new Oneohtrix Point Never album As we reported last week Oneohtrix Point Never has a new album coming out this November. Entititled Replica the album is an “electronic song cycle based around lo-fi audio procured from television advertisement”. You can download the track ‘Sleep Dealer’ below.

Oneohtrix Point Never – Sleep Dealer by Mexican Summer

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Stream new Teams track

Stream new Teams track Teams, aka Sean Bowie has a new track called ‘Mile High’. Taking a clutch of loops from an indeterminate boogie-house jam, he gets stuck into distorting, filtering and generally messin’ with them to create a sub aquatic dance-floor workout that that sounds like the soundtrack to a particularly pleasing form of mental illness. Or a broken heart, or something. It’s good. And in related Teams news keep your eyes over the coming months, because according to Bowie’s FB page, he has two new albums arriving this winter. Check out ‘Mile High’ below;

Mile High by Teams

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New Oneohtrix Point Never album

New Oneohtrix Point Never album Replica is the name of the forthcoming album from U.S synth fiddler and lo-fi electronics producer Oneohtrix Point Never. Recorded at the studio’s of Mexican Summer – the label for which Oneohtrix aka Dan Lopatin and Joel Ford run the offshoot Software, the record features ” lo-fi audio procured from television advertisement compilations”.

Replica will be released on November 5th

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