Wiley, Lorn, Slugabed & more on 2012 compilation by Ninja Tune, Big Dada & Brainfeeder

Wiley, Lorn, Slugabed & more on 2012 compilation by Ninja Tune, Big Dada & Brainfeeder Nearly year end, eh? When it’s year-end-list-time at magazines and blogs, record labels usually show what they’ve got in store for the next year. So do Ninja Tune, Big Dada and Brainfeeder Records with their ‘New Artists for 2012’ compilation. And it does sound very promising, what the two traditional British bass music labels and Flying Lotus‘s US Brainfeeder have lined up for 2012.

We already told you in late summer 2010 that Lorn was ‘One to watch‘, he recently signed for new records to Ninja Tune. Lapalux was mentioned here several times as a remixer of artists such as Gwen Stefani and Crystal Fighters, the 2012 compilation comes with his rework of Fink‘s album title track, ‘Perfect Darkness’. Furthermore, Austria’s finest producer Dorian Concept (more on him in our Slices feature) makes his girl giggle, Slugabed asks to turn off the sun and Taylor McFerrin is looking for a place in Brainfeeder’s heart.

And then there’s Eskiboy Wiley, who’ll be releasing his album ‘Evolve Or Be Extinct’ in January 2012, shortly after his gig at Electronic Beats Festival Warsaw in December. The compilation comes with his track ‘Numbers in Action’, reworked by legendary producer Dobie.

Listen to the full compilation below, check out the full line-up for Electronic Beats Festival Warsaw 2011 here.

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Psychologist Psychologist is the alter ego of Iain Woods who makes bastard-future pop that is by turns delicate, vulnerable and utterly uncompromising. Currently releasing the second in a brace of E.P’s that have been released weeks apart but are conjoined like a musical puzzle, the enjoyment is to be found fusing the pieces to make one stunning whole.

Riding roughshod through waters currently occupied by the likes of Debukas, and Rudi Zygadlo, Woods’ skewed pop songs inject emotion and feeling into stone cold drums and omnipresent bass-lines. Performing recently with a 12 person choir, the choral-connections makes sense with an ethereal thread running through the two E.P’s ‘Waves of OK’ and ‘Propeller’ that make up ‘The Epidural Collection’. In fact ecclesiastical drama and theatre is one of touchstones on the ‘Propeller’ EP intercut with moments of minimalistic beauty and rude boy bass.

Channeling the spirit of David Lynch through scattergun clicks and a shirt tearing vocal performance on ‘Twin Peaks Disco’ – which you can download below made me realise that avant-garde explorations of ‘club’ music are rarely so rewarding. Have you seen a Psychologist recently? Perhaps it’s time you did.

Propeller EP by psychologistmusic

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Com Truise gears up for debut album

Com Truise gears up for debut album

Com Truise, who we earmarked as a Ones To Watch earlier this month, is putting together his debut album to be released through the ever dependable Ghostly International – the label he signed to earlier this year.

Due for release this July, the album is called Galagtic Melt and features 11 brand new cuts. We have not heard any of the tracks yet, but we have no doubt they will be shimmering nuggets of lo-fi retro-pop. Not unlike this;


01 Terminal

02 VHS Sex

03 Cathode Girls

04 Air Cal

05 Flightwave

06 Hyperlips

07 Brokendate

08 Glawio

09 Ether Drift

10 Futureworld

11 Galactic Melt *

* Vinyl bonus

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RISING – AlunaGeorge

RISING - AlunaGeorge

Sometimes you know just by looking at a band that they are going to be famous – which is no barometer of whether the music is any good it’s just the way things go right?

AlunaGeorge are one such band – a youthful duo with a look to die for and a fantastically odd approach to bubblegum pop. Like hearing the Ronettes on a distant car stereo, they make music that is laden with familiarity, and yet at the same time sonically they couldn’t be any more contemporary.

Following a trail blazed by the likes of The XX and James Blake where 2-step is the music of a nostalgic past and Aaliyah reigns supreme, AlunaGeorge have so far released just one double A-side 7" – ‘Analyzer’ / ‘We are Chosen‘. Two tiny, but perfectly formed pieces of pop music that melt my heart and skip my feet. They have the sheen of garage, but scratch the surface and you realize that there’s more going on than you would first think.

With Aluna’s voice having a child-like quality that is almost unnerving, it becomes all the more disarming when you catch her insightful lyrics. Delivered with a frankness that belies her age over deceptively simple beats and clicks, the duo are such an alarming (yet charming) bag of contradictions that every time I hear them it makes me stop what ever I am doing just to listen.

You can download an Electronic Beats exclusive below – a remix of ‘Analyser’

AlunaGeorge ‘Analyser’ Last Japan ‘Buy me a Spaceship and Fly’ remix

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I can tell you nothing autobiographical about DVA Damas. A mysterious 10" record arrived on my desk some time in the last three months, disappeared and then like Houdini was back like magic. I subsequently played the record of stripped back rhythms that sounded like the B-52’s on smack repeatedly, studied the run out grooves for any sliver of information and bided my time until I heard the music somewhere else, which thanks to the wonderful Keytars&Violins last week I did. I now had a name but a cursory look on the internet revealed little more information.

Released on Downwards – the UK micro-label best known for excursions in to brutal and uncompromising techno and experimental electronics from the likes of British Murder Boys, Surgeon, Regis et al, the band are not the most obvious fit for the label. However with their cold eyed stares and bare bones grooves you can practically feel the menace snarling out of the speakers, and when you factor in the aforementioned techno artists background interest in metal things starts to make a bit more sense.

Complementing the current ‘witch’ house aesthetic with lo-fi production, but with a rhythm section to die for, DVA Damas occupy a patch in the music playground prime for exploiting – somewhere between the blank dystopia of Factory Floor, Zola Jesus‘ sonic warbling and yes, the B-52’s.

Check out their Soundcloud where you can download everything for free. I don’t know when, and I don’t know how, but sometime in the very near future you are going to be crossing paths with DVA Damas.

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