EB Premiere: Watch Brendon Moeller’s throwback “Passage to Obscurity” video

Do you often catch yourself staring out the window, thinking about vague historical equivalencies? What was the Victorian rave? How about the channel for ecstatic musical improvisation in medieval Germany? We catch ourselves doing it all the time, and not just because we have too much time on our hands. Brendon Moeller knows what we’re talking about. In the new video for “Passage to Obscurity” off of his upcoming EP AS002 (Atrophic Society), the 44-year-old adopted New Yorker and South African expat syncs up his his deep, dark banger of a track with a live recording of a 50’s vibraphone orchestra, as well as a scantily clad female entertainer dancing with two people in a horse costume. Maybe this what your grandmother watched after popping mother’s little helpers?

Beyond the speculation: Moeller has been releasing quality dub-inflected techno since the mid-nineties and flossed his bass heavy DJ sets at Francois K’s Deep Space night in Cielo, as well as London’s Fabric and Berlin’s Berghain. Watch out for Atrophic Society label owner Craig McWhinney aka Vohkinne’s upcoming “Passage to Obscurity” remix. Should be tasty. ~








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EB Exclusive: Gudrun Gut’s “Going Up The Country”

Following last year’s Wildlife album, Berlin’s real queen of electronic music Gudrun Gut is set to drop a brand new 7″ via her own label Monika Entreprise.

You can listen to the A-side above with our exclusive premiere of Gut’s beautiful cover version of Canned Heat’s classic “Goin’ Up The Country“. Here, Gut takes the blues-rock hit to some sort of neo-punk level, but flavored with a good dose of Neue Deutsche Welle and smart electronics. The 7″ B-side contains a classy Brandt Brauer Frick-remix of Gudrun’s track “Tiger” (the original appeared on Wildlife), and the digital version features an extra track—Thomas Fehlmann‘s rework of “Going up the Country”. The whole thing is available either digitally or physically from August 30th.

EB Exclusive- Gudrun Gut’s “Going Up The Country”

Gudrun Gut’s Going up the Country / Tiger 7″ Single is out via Monika Entreprise on August, 30th.

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EB Album Stream: Telonius’ <i>Inter Face</I>

German producer Jonas Imbery drew our attention earlier this year under his moniker Telonius with his video for “Kiss Your Face“, a sweet slice of house music packed with a palpable disco-funk influence that keeps it fresher than your average club offering. Now the musician and Gomma label co-owner brings us our own exclusive: no less than the premiere stream of his debut album Inter Face. Not only that, but as he’s given us his own track-by-track guide through the album, so you can have a peek into what inspired each individual song. It’s all waiting for you below.

1. “Now”

This was on the Now I Do maxi. From a production standpoint, that was the first maxi where I came relatively close to my idea for ​​the club sound of the next maxis. Looking back, it’s almost a pity that the B side is not on the album, as it’s slightly more “edgy”.

2. “Kiss Your Face”

One of the strongest tracks on the album, in my opinion. Slightly unusual vocals, but extremely catchy. There’s a great video for it by Bureau Borsche.

3. “Old Toy”

It’s the first single release, which was really well received. You’ll also find an amazing Stefano Ritteri remix on the 12″. Vocals from Kokutekeleza (also see “I Make You Man”)

4. “I Make You Man”

The text is by the director Klaus Lemke. He made the video for the song ​​with material from a film he made with Thomas Kretschmann just before he became a star in Hollywood. It is the title track from Lemke’s new film, which will be one of the opening films at the Venice Biennale.

5. “Control”

With this one and the track on the other side of the Maxi OUT, I was inspired by my collaboration with the drummer from the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra. Both tracks are very rhythm-oriented, with driving ostinato bass figures.

6. “Swimsuit” feat. Faberyayo

One of my favorite numbers on the album, with the singer of Lele. Great lyrics – not too serious and loaded with meaning, yet without being bland. The backing track came from a studio session with a few buddies.

7. “All I Need”

The vocal snippets are from Isis Salam. The track has a rather unusual buildup, but it works really well in the club.

8. “Your Dog Will Love It”

This is definitely a track where the opinions are divided. It had to be simple. I love the slogan and the strange melody. The layout was hanging around for quite a long time, but I definitely wanted to have this track on the album. It’s meant to show that sometimes it’s good to not take yourself too seriously.

9. “Last Night” (Faced Version)

Unreleased version of “Last Night”. Here again, some things were recorded live, like the bass. I like the vocals and the text very much – that’s how how I see things.

10. “Out”

See “Control”. ~


Inter face will be available August 30th on Gomma.

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EB Video Premiere: Crime & The City Solution’s “Beyond Good and Evil”

After already launching the first video (for “Goddess) from their first new album in decades, American Twilight, EB is proud to again present the new video—the second from American Twilight—for Crime & The City Solution’s avant-country ballad “Beyond Good and Evil”. Like “Goddess”, it was directed and filmed by Danielle de Picciotto, who is also the newest addition to the group. As the titles say, the original Berlin era members of Crime & The City Solution—Simon Bonney, Bronwyn Adams and Alexander Hacke (Einstürzende Neubauten)—are  now joined by David Eugene Edwards (16 Horsepower, Wovenhand), Jim White (Dirty 3, Cat Power), Troy Gregory (Witches), and Matthew Smith (Outrageous Cherry, Volebeats). Read our brief chat with the director and watch the video  below:


How did you come up with the idea of using animation mixed with filmed footage and why?

I wanted to give the video a feeling of magic and layered realities. Mixing the filmed footage with drawings made it possible to add a more symbolic nuance to the story.

Are the figures you used reminiscent of something?

It is a fairytale…

All the new Crime tracks have an accompanying video. Why now?

Simon asked me to become a member of the band because it has always been an dream of his to have a visual artist participating in Crime & The City Solution. As I am an interdisciplinary artist and also work with music it was a perfect match. During the recordings, I not only sang the background vocals with Bronwyn but spent months filming the band and creating visuals to show on stage during the concerts. Then I started making the music videos from all of these images. These are the clips we have been releasing and they add the special touch to the bands image which Simon had hoped for.~

Crime & The City Solution’s American Twilight was released in March, 2013, via Mute Records.

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EB Premiere: Eli & Fur – Nightmares (Nils Hoffmann Remix)


London-based electronic duo Eli & Fur returns with a stunning new dance number called “Nightmares”, the follow up to their impressive “Sea of Stars” and “Tonight” releases in 2012. The original track, released through NYX Records, is already available and so is the dub. Below, you have the chance to listen to a very special rework from the Berlin producer, artist, and DJ Nils Hofmann. Yes, Nils Hofmann of “Balloon”-fame—who topped the one million mark over at YouTube and released the acclaimed Verwunschen EP via Lochmann Records. Since then, he’s become Germany’s answer to Shlohmo and drops remixes like no other. Listen for yourself.



Eli & Fur’s new single ‘Nightmares’ is due May, 27th via NYX Records.

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