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The alphabet according to Hank Shocklee

With their work for Public Enemy, Hank Shocklee’s Bomb Squad revolutionized hip hop and guaranteed their place in history as one of the most important production teams in popular music. ABCs from a master.

The alphabet according to DJ Koze

DJ Koze has evolved over the past two decades from enfant- to savant- to the avant-terrible of German dance music. Here’s the alphabet according to him, from Amygdala to Zappa.

The alphabet according to WestBam

In the early nineties, Maximilian Lenz, alias WestBam, helped usher in an era of euphoric, post-reunification revelry in German techno, one that redefined the country’s image abroad. Move over philosophy, fascism and fussball—make room for the Love Parade. Named after his role model Afrika Bambaataa (cf. Westfalia Bambaataa), the Münster-born DJ and producer was never modest about … Continued

The alphabet according to Modeselektor

Listening to electronic music on an incredible sound system in the right atmosphere can be a near religious experience. Watching a DJ spin records or work a laptop, however, can get boring quick. The Berlin-based electronic duo Modeselektor are an exception to the rule. Since 2002, Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary have been creating bleeding … Continued