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Slices issue 4-13, coming soon!

Find out who’s joining cover star Jon Hopkins in the new issue of Slices. Hint: includes La Fleur, Ada, Mathias Kaden, Cloud Boat and lots, lots more.

Video Flashback: Little Dragon

Check out a playlist of our favorite LD moments featuring the full Slices interview as well as their appearances at our 2009 and 2010 EB Festivals.

Slices Detroit Playlist

Detroit will forever be the city that gave birth to techno. Watch a selection of Slices interviews with some of its most important figures, including Derrick May, Carl Craig, Theo Parrish and Jimmy Edgar.

Slices seeking Intern

Have you ever woken up, walked into the bathroom, gazed into the mirror and begun furiously weeping and punching your reflection? Maybe it’s because you feel the need for something cool in your life—something like hanging out with a bunch of music fans, exercising your passion for digital video, and managing files. Guess what: you can do all this and

Junior Boys (Slices DVD Feature)

“You can’t play something for your mother and tell her it’s cool because of the Ring modulator you used. It needs to have a level of accessibility. It’s not gear music, but the sound’s important!”

Chris Bohn recommends Terre Thaemlitz’s Soulnessless

How to approach listening to the world’s longest album, clocking in at over thirty hours of music, hundreds of pages of sleeve notes and extensive video footage all packed onto an SD card that has to be plugged in a USB stick and accompanied by a small booklet covered with the picture of a burning … Continued

Slices column: New Faces

See that hottie up there? That’s Mooryc, the first star of our latest Slices column New Faces. The DVD magazine will now also feature a segment on emerging artists that the Slices crew find interesting. With a wide range of fascinating new artists emerging everyday, there’s plenty of new faces waiting to get Sliced! Get … Continued

Slices Video Feature: Theo Parrish

Theo Parrish is one of the most respected DJs around, and it’s no wonder; aside from his artistry as a performer and producer, he’s a smart, engaging and thoroughly charming man. We can prove it, too; just watch our Slices interview with him below, and be sure to check out more Slices of pleasure here.

Behind the scenes on the upcoming Slices DVD

Here’s a peak behind the scenes at Slices. The other day our colleagues sat down with Irish duo Solar Bears, whose Planet Mu-released album She Was Coloured In left quite an impression at the EB office with its melodic electronica and dreamy songs. The video shoot with Solar Bears aka John Kowalski and Rian Trench … Continued

Mouse On Mars new on Monkeytown

Over the last decade, Mouse On Mars have become one of the leading names in European electronic music: releasing an inspired blend of IDM, krautrock, disco, and ambient sounds with a heavy dollop of analog synth. Now news has appeared that the duo will be joining the highly remarkable Berlin-based label Monkeytown. Home to the … Continued

Jacob Korn colour drops new video for ‘She’

It was during last year’s Nachtdigital Festival near Olganitz when I was introduced to Uncanny Valley. The label and artist network from Dresden hosted a little floor next to the water and their selection of deep house records fitted perfectly with the sunny weather during the afternoon. Much has happened since: not only did Uncanny … Continued

Slices Issue 3-11 out soon!

Just three weeks to go until the new Slices Issue hits the shelves. Firstly we travel to London to get the low down with post-bass darlings Mount Kimbie – missing the London riots by a matter of days! We then travel to Austria to meet probably one of the best live techno bands – Elektro … Continued

Laurent Garnier Slices DVD Feature

Pioneering techno producer, DJ and worldwide ambassador for electronic music – there are few people who have stayed as relevant and on top of their game in the fickle world of club music as Laurent Garnier. In this Slices feature we look at how the L.B.S. project came to being, discuss Garnier’s love of all … Continued

Watch Circus Company get Sliced

“Why keep on following a strict line”, asks Circus Company co-owner Mathias Duchemin, “when you can do some slalom and put yourself in danger and also surprise your listeners – I think it’s way more interesting.” For the latest issue of our DVD series, Electronic Beats Slices met up with the French label manager to … Continued

Watch Beroshima talk music production

“When I produce a track, I don’t have a rule for how to start“, explains Frank Müller aka Beroshima during his interview with Electronic Beats Slices Magazine. For the latest issue of the Slices DVD, the German producer gave us a deep insight into his studio routine Watch the new feature right here on EBnet … Continued

Laurent Garnier

Pioneering techno producer, DJ and worldwide ambassador for electronic music – there are few people who have stayed as relevant and on top of their game in the fickle world of club music as Laurent Garnier. Part of the reason this enigmatic Frenchman has maintained his position at the top of the pile is his … Continued

Apparat: My Top 3 Sascha Ring Tracks

Known as Apparat and now and again also as Moderat (in collaboration with Modeselektor), Sascha Ring has been putting smiles on the faces of party people for 10 years now. I got to know and appreciate him after a gig at the long since closed Cabaret Renz and began my mission to get my hands … Continued