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James Blake & Wolfram join Electronic Beats Festival Vienna 2012

You might have been wondering about that ‘special guest’ we’ve been announcing two weeks ago for our upcoming Electronic Beats Festival Vienna 2012. Back then, things were already seething in the background, but unfortunately we haven’t been able to tell you (until now!) that James Blake will be joining Electronic Beats once again.

Synthesis of Change: an interview with Teengirl Fantasy

After a string of madly hyped first tracks and their critically acclaimed debut LP 7AM in 2010, Brooklyn-based duo Teengirl Fantasy return with their sophomore full-length Tracer, out August 20 on seminal Belgian/UK label R&S Records. For the new effort, Oberlin College alumni Logan Takahashi and Nick Weiss abandoned the sampling that defined 7AM, in … Continued

Lone discovers the ‘Galaxy Garden’

He’s always been ahead of the music Zeitgeist anyway, so why should Matt Cutler aka Lone be changing this pattern now? The Manchester-based producer and Magic Wire Recordings label founder is currently working towards the release of his fifth album, titled Galaxy Garden, which he’ll be putting out through Belgian/British R&S Records in May. While … Continued

Interview: Optigram

Manuel Sepulveda, the artist behind Optigram, is an art director who has been responsible for a huge amount of fantastic record sleeves over the last few years. He’s worked for labels such as Hyperdub, Warp and Planet Mu and has created an œuvre that has something of an eighties retro-futuristic feel. Or just classy and … Continued

James Blake with new music video, new EP

Is this a case of a borderline music video? James Blake‘s current single ‘A Case of You’ (a cover version of Joni Mitchell‘s 1971 original) just received a new vid, starring British actress Rebecca Hall, and moods are swinging. Daylight comes, smiling faces, night time comes, tears roll. It’s a strange music video which the … Continued

Brand new music on latest R&S compilation

IOTDXI is the name of the latest compilation on R&S Records. R&S have long been known for collecting their current crop of records together in the collections such as ‘In Order to Dance’, and that is something that has continued with the imprint’s current incarnation, after they re-launching as a new independent label in 2009. … Continued

Space Dimension Controller secures the Pathway to Tiraquon6

It was one of those nights why people like us go to clubs: experiencing something memorable although we’re doing everything to our brain to make it forget things. Leisure System’s 3rd anniversary party was being held at Berghain then, it was around 3 in the morning when Space Dimension Controller took over Panorama Bar. While … Continued

Space Dimension Controller starts label

Space Dimension Controller, the über-talented producer who has been providing electronic thrills from the 22nd century via labels such a Royal Oak and R&S is to set up a new label of his own – Basic Rhythm which lifts its name (literally) from the Roland 808 drum machine. Speaking exclusively to the Teshno blog, SDC, … Continued