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Eastern Haze: October

Riding in a train from Prague to Košice, Lucia Udvardyova reflects on new releases from labels Farbwechsel, Mik Musik!, Local Records and the polish music magazine Glissando.

Eastern Haze: September

In Bulgaria, the much-maligned chalga industry is booming and its main star is of course Azis, the transvestite singer whose infamy long transgressed the borders of this southeastern state

Eastern Haze: July

We shall commence our monthly explorations of Eastern beats, bass and other sonic ephemera from the fringes of the musical spectrum with the aptly-titled RSS Boys, a perfect nerdy evocation of sizzling summer settings. Taking cues from afro-beat, the members of the project claim they met while travelling in Africa. Brushing off tired house, their … Continued

Eastern Haze: June

Like a Phoenix that rose from the ashes, Jakub Wojciechowski decided to abandon his former musical context and embrace a lighter aural sonisphere. Having cut his teeth in the Polish witchhouse scene (as well as on the label Cowshed Records), Wojciechowski went on to develop his sound into brighter, house-driven compositions under his nom de … Continued

Eastern Haze: May

Our second installment of the explorations of the freshest beats, tunes and all sorts of aural weirdness from the region of Eastern Europe starts with a crash course for the uninitiated. Easterndaze Vol 2: Judgment Day is a collaboration between Polish experimental label AudioTong and the Easterndaze project, a compilation which charts some noteworthy up-and-coming … Continued

Eastern Haze: April

I’ll start this column with a disclaimer: I’m not trying to reinforce Cold War rhetoric. It would be foolish to suggest that in today’s globalised hyper-world, the geographical distinctions still matter – or do they? Online, we are supposedly all interconnected within a virtual bubble regardless of whether we come from Ohio or Opava. For … Continued

The last hundred days…

Discover our favorite articles and events, compiled from the beginning of the first day of’s redesign.

10 x 4 – Jakub Adamec

Jakub Adamec is one of those (post-)modern Renaissance men, who skillfully navigate their career through various forms of art, while retaining a red thread that goes through their oeuvre. Adamec is a member of the electric, eclectic Silesian band I Love 69 Popgeju, the author of quite a bit of video work (the latest for … Continued

Electronic Beats Writers’ Reflections 2013

For more insight into the people behind Electronic Beats—the ones who voted for our Releases of the Year—we asked our contributors for a list of their own devising and a few words about their year.

Videodrome #42 – This week’s best videos

Another week – another round of living pictures handpicked by our editors. No filler, all killer. #1 Nina Kraviz – Ghetto Kraviz (directed by David Terranova) With her debut album released today this year’s house superstar Nina Kraviz drops some ghetto shit filmed on the streets of Berlin. /// #2 Death Grips – Get Got … Continued

Interview: Rainbow Arabia

Rainbow Arabia are husband and wife Danny and Tiffany Preston who combine dance pop with the obscure side of the world music spectrum. Think Nguzunguzu or Crystal Castles playing a DJ set in a scene from Disney’s Aladdin. The ‘Rainbow’ part of the band’s name speaks volumes about their kaleidoscopic sound. They were darlings of … Continued