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Go Inside Berlin Atonal With This Unfiltered And Personal Photo Gallery By George Nebieridze

Held inside the massive Kraftwerk complex, Berlin Atonal is a yearly showcase for everything cutting-edge in sonic and visual art.

There are many experimental music festivals, but few can compare with Berlin Atonal. The experimental event has long provided a stage for some of the most interesting projects in music and audiovisual performance.

Originally running from 1982 through 1990, it was restarted in 2013, and in the years since its revival, a large part of its power has come from the space it’s housed in: Kraftwerk, a massive decommissioned wing of a still-functioning Vattenfall power station that’s connected to popular Berlin clubs OHM and Tresor.

This year’s Atonal was an especially impressive edition, with memorable performances by the likes of Amnesia Scanner, Function, JK Flesh, Objekt, Lee Gamble, VTSS and Varg, Elena Colombi, rRoxymore and Chee Shimizu. To chronicle this year’s edition, we sent frequent TEB photographer George Nebieridze (support him by buying one of his excellent photo books here) to take some candid shots from inside the event as it happened.

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Published September 04, 2019. Words by George Nebieridze, photos by George Nebieridze.