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Readers Poll 2012- Best Venue –

Which venue floats your boat? Turns out it’s an actual boat, as in Budapest’s A38. Find out what other places our readers like to sweat and dance in the results of our poll for the year.

My time onstage with Grimes

dancing onstage with @Grimezsz tonight at Berghain, please throw bottles at me — Gucci Goth (@guccigoth) May 25, 2012 @guccigoth onstage dancing with @Grimezsz but without pants. priceless. — no fear of pop. (@nofop) May 25, 2012 @guccigoth that was so hilarious hahaha, i turned around and u were taking off ur pants — Grimes(@Grimezsz) … Continued

Interview: James Blake

EB: You once told me that the sound architecture of the infamous Berlin techno and house club Berghain inspired the making of some of your music. Do you remember your first time there? James Blake: I went to Berghain for the first time when Joy Orbison played on one of the Substance nights. The next … Continued

Drei Tage Wacht (Gdansk, day one)

7:57 am Entering RE5800 at Berlin Ostbahnhof. Falling asleep. 9:49 am Changeover at Szczecin train station to TLK 81104/5 towards Gda?sk G?ówny. The sweltering heat inside the six person compartment is already unbearable in the early morning hours, probably thanks to the (at least in Berlin) often discussed continental climate. The following 5-and-a-half hour long … Continued

Easter Egg Vol. 1: EB Radio

Intuition tells us you potentially take offense at being inundated with images of multi-pastelled eggs and bunny rabbits. We feel the same. Nevertheless, in keeping up with our pan-religious agenda (re: last December’s 8 classic Kraftwerk Hanukkah album reviews/month-long post-sundown Ramadan postings), we’re proud to present to you our Easter Special – an in-depth look … Continued

#tweetscapes make Twitter sing

Twitter might not be the world’s most popular social media tool (Germany for example lacks users in contrast to Facebook), but it is surely one of the most stunning tools for sharing opinions in real-time. But what does Twitter (or its infamous ‘fail whale’) sound like? The project #tweetscapes gives an answer to this question. … Continued

(not equal): Dancing with the Dark

Last week we told you about the upcoming new Berlin party PURGE, which debuts this Thursday with HTRK and Bruises. If you just can’t get enough evil in your nightlife, we recommend taking some heavy aspirin the morning after, sleeping the day away and then waking up for ? (not equal). The party, created in … Continued

Leisure System prepare second release

Leisure System, the Berlin based party series & label who just celebrated their third Birthday with an epic party at Berghain, are prepar the second Leisure System Records release. Welcoming Eprom into the fold with two dank, metalic cuts perfect for a label which aims to reflect the diverse and often challenging nature of the … Continued

Interview: Marcel Fengler

Marcel Fengler the Berghain Beat Boy is always able to present a multi-faced personality in his music. At one moment, the course and energy of his DJ sets can suddenly shift, but it’s hard to notice that specific moment. Due to his talent in reading in how the tracks float, the shifting between them is … Continued

Marcel Dettmann ‘Conducted’ a new mix

Mix CDs aren’t necessarily the most important format in times of digital mixes and podcasts. Still, a good mix gives a better insight into an artist’s record collection, his or her current taste, mood and personal influences perhaps even more so than an album. Marcel Dettmann suits the mix CD format pretty well, as his … Continued

Win tickets for Zola Jesus album release show & Germany tour

Another week to go and it’s finally here: Nika Roza Danilova’s new, epic album ‘Conatus’ under her moniker Zola Jesus. The Russian American singer’s third album will be released on Souterrain Transmissions on September 30th, she will be playing a couple of release shows around this date: her Paris gig is already sold out, the … Continued

Scuba kicks a mix

Hotflush overlord Scuba will be the next producer who lumbers up to the controls for an edition of !K7’s long running DJ Kicks series. Since moving to Berlin form Bristol a few years ago Scuba, real name Paul Rose, has release two stunning albums and put a huge amount of effort into introducing all kinds … Continued

Emika wrapping up debut album

Emika the Berlin based producer and sound designer will release her much anticipated debut album later this year. First coming to prominence with her dubstep-emo single ‘Drop the Other’, she swiftly followed with two more ‘Count Backwards’ and ‘Double Edge’. In between she also inspired Ostgut Ton‘s five year anniversary compilation Fünf by suggesting that … Continued

Shangaan crew comes to Europe

You may remember last year some charming videos that were doing the rounds showing some particularly crazy South African dancers throwing down to music that sounded like it had been beamed straight from another planet. This mini-craze was sparked by the release of Shangaan Electro Volume One (read our review here) by Honest Jon’s and … Continued

Nôze – Ready to dring

So, no one Nôze who they are? No way, that really doesn’t apply to this crazy French duo at all. Ezechiel Pailhes and Nicolas Sfintescu have had everyone waiting for over two years for the follow up to their crossover smash Songs on the Rocks. Now they are back with their fourth album – Dring … Continued