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Counting with Kevin Blechdom

From Pythagoras to Paul Morissey: the Berlin-based experimentalist goes by the numbers for us in the latest edition of Counting With.

Counting with Ian Pooley

Bridging the gap between techno and house with his own productions, Ian Pooley was born in the city of Mainz, near Frankfurt and first came to fame with the now legendary Force Inc. imprint.

Counting with Inka Gerbert

Inka Gerbert is the newest addition to the Art Direction here at Electronic Beats. She’s also the subject of today’s Counting With…

Counting with Walter W. Wacht

Being a multi tab interwebz browsing so-called ‘digital native’ since the late ninetees still doesn’t make Walter W. Wacht automatically a nerd. Here’s what makes Electronic Beats online editor and social media evangelist tick in our latest episode of ‘Counting With’! 1 memorable line in a film or song:  “I don’t buy it” (Panda Bear, … Continued

Counting with Simon Le Bon

Revisiting the eighties has become a veritable right of passage for the retromaniacal. And that’s a good thing too, because as Simon Le Bon can attest, those who were there can’t remember very much at all. Here, the Duran Duran frontman and lyricist shows how to best deal with amnesia: wittily. 1 memorable line in … Continued

Counting with Ditt Inre

Emerging Swedish duo Ditt Inre have been turning heads and ears with their lush, ambient post-rock electronics. That’s why we’re pleased to welcome them to our Counting With series! Enjoy! 1 memorable line in a film or song “I was waiting on a moment, but the moment never came” — The Flaming Lips, ‘Egotripping at … Continued

Counting with Miguel Villalobos

New York City’s Miguel Villalobos frames beautiful portraits behind his lens, capturing moments both intimate and directed, casual and strange. He also really, really likes Siouxsie Sioux; always the sign of a true gentleman. Let’s count! 1 memorable line in a film or song: “Fire walk with me.”  2 decisions I regret: … not taking … Continued

Counting with Mette Lindberg

1. memorable line in a film or song: As a teenager I used to watch Pulp Fiction over and over again, coun- ting toilet scenes, coffee drinking scenes and listening to the sound- track with the dialog intros: “Who’s motorcycle is this?” “It’s a chopper baby.” “Who’s chopper is this?” “It’s Zed’s”. “Who’s Zed?” “Zed’s … Continued

Counting with Kathleen Karrer

Between handling a multitude of telephone conferences and other imperative work for Electronic Beats, we’re amazed that Cologne-based Kathleen Karrer has time to visit us here in Berlin and still find time for her sweet pooch (pictured above). Learn what makes EB’s right-hand woman tick in our latest Counting With! 1 memorable line in a … Continued

Counting with Moritz Gayard duty editor Moritz Gayard got into music back in the day by going to West-Berlin acid parties. After appearing in NIN’s ‘Eraser’ video in 1994, he broke his spine in a tragic football accident and ascended into a new realm of being. LETS GIVE IT UP PEOPLE *entire studio audience rises to feet and … Continued

Counting with The Whendays

Looking for something shiney and new? Here you go: The Whendays consider themselves a pop band and right they are. Having released their first dreamy affair in November 2011, they had us floating in a sun-flecked trance. To properly introduce you to The Whendays we caught up with Berghain-approved Serge, who just recently moved to … Continued

Counting with Dillon

I have never shaved my entire head, never been to New York, never eaten whale, never gone scuba- or skydiving.

Counting with Róisín Murphy

We hope you know the score now. Ten numbers for one of the stars of the Electronic Beats Festival in Zagreb, the one, the only Róisín Murphy. 1 memorable line in a film or a song: In a song… I have to say something really cool, but I’ll probably end up saying Jingle bells, Jingle … Continued

Counting with Daniel Jones

As you might have guessed, the Berlin Electronic Beats online office is a cradle for expats of various origins. Take Daniel Jones for instance: our multi-faceted music editor is a New York club kid by heart and still happy to drag his astral body through the dark underground of Neukölln’s youth culture if he’s not … Continued

Counting with Henning Lahmann

Henning is the latest signing to the Electronic Beats roster. Starting this Thursday, he’s going to issue “Beyond Beats”, a monthly column about leftfield pop and outsider electronics. Otherwise he might be known as the founder and editor of the Berlin-based blog No Fear Of Pop and as an occasional writer for International Tapes and … Continued

Counting with Gareth Owen

Gareth is the music editor at Electronic Beats. A Berlin resident for nearly five years, he is a long standing member of the EB team. Outside of the office he can be found in the shady corners of Berlin’s DJ booths, throwing epic parties with the Sameheads crew and hosting a semi-regular listening party called … Continued

Counting with Max Dax

We decided to ask Max Dax – Editor-in-Chief of our Electronic Beats Print Magazine to ‘count with us’ in order to find out the numerically relevant digits in his life – from 9/11 to four things he has still to do, it’s all here. Read on for the insights in this feature which initially appeared … Continued