10 Questions With Howling

1 memorable line in a song: “She’s a tear that hangs inside my soul forever.” —Jeff Buckley, “Lover, You Should’ve Come Over” off Grace.

2 decisions we regret: Each thing we do, regretful or not, is part of our learning. We could say we regret many things we’ve been a part of, but then we wouldn’t have learned and grown from those experiences. So it’s all part of our journey.

3 artists that should collaborate: Björk, Radiohead and Fela Kuti.

4 ways out of an argument: There are only three ways out of an argument: humility, love and trust.

5 years from now music will be… Magical, still.

6 hours ago… Ry was getting kicked in the middle of the night by a three-year-old.

7 albums everyone should own: Every one of the Âme albums they have never put out. Other than that, there are too many to list, because music is deep and wide. Every day requires a new experience in the vast ocean of music.

After 8 a.m. (in the club)… Frank is probably about to go on.

Our cloud 9 is… Somewhere beautiful and peaceful on an ocean with waves to surf, a studio ready to create in, amazing food and our friends and families by our side.

I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole: We’re open. Let’s touch it.

This article originally appeared in the Summer 2015 issue of Electronic Beats Magazine. To read more from this issue, click here.

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Counting With Afrikan Sciences

Eric Porter Douglas, aka Afrikan Sciences, is responsible for some of the most exciting Afro-futurist productions in recent memory, blending the broken beats of West Coast funk with classic house, and a dash of Sun Ra sci-fi. His new LP, Circuitous, is out now on Berlin imprint PAN. It goes hard.

1 memorable line in a song:

“Even if it’s jazz or the quiet storm, I hook a beat up, convert it into hip-hop form.” -Rakim, “I Ain’t No Joke” off Eric B. and Rakim’s Paid in Full.

2 decisions I regret:

First would be selling my comic book collection which I had amassed from childhood to make rent as a struggling college student. I never recovered from that, and it kind of killed the spark I had for collecting. Second, around that same time, Whodini were in town to do a show, and their DJ was calling around trying to find turntables for the gig. They contacted me, but I held out because they wouldn’t have compensated. My childhood heroes—and I ended up trying to extort them. Oh, the shame.

3 people that should collaborate:

Doctor Who, Doctor Strange, Doctor Ice. The result? Time traveling rap with a twist of mysticism.

4 things I haven’t done yet:

  1. Traveled to my namesake.
  2. Performed in Japan.
  3. Committed to daily practice on my upright.
  4. Found inner peace.

5 things I used to believe:

  1. That my parents were robots.
  2. New sneakers made me run faster.
  3. If I spun around fast enough counter-clockwise I could go back in time.
  4. I could never throw away my childhood toys.
  5. Children are the future.

6 hours ago…

I was preparing my child for school.

7 albums everyone should own:

  1. Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band, The Very Best of Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band
  2. Sun Ra & His Arkestra, Jazz in Silhouette
    69309 SunRa_trazado
  3. Ultramagnetic MCs, Critical Beat Down
    ultramagnetic 300
  4. Frank Zappa, Apostrophe (‘)
  5. Two Banks of Four, Three Street Worlds
    2banksof4 300
  6. John Lee Hooker, Get Back Home in the U.S.A.
  7. Public Enemy, It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back

After 8 p.m.

Daddy goes off duty, LEGOLAND is dismantled, Avengers are disassembled, and I clear out of my studio.

My 9 lives…

I keep resetting on the fifth.

I would touch it with a 10-foot pole:

Man-made drugs. Blessed be the herb.

This article originally appeared in the Winter 2014/2015 edition of Electronic Beats Magazine. To read more from this issue, click here, and to read Counting With columns from Helena Hauff, Jackmaster, and more, click here.

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Counting With Jackmaster

Glaswegian Numbers label and clubnight founder Jackmaster has a rep for surprising and raucous selections in his DJ sets. But did you know about his past as an Oasis obsessive and repentant dubstep hater? Here’s Jack out the box.

1 memorable line in a song:

“Ass/Titties/Ass ‘n’ Titties/Ass, Ass, Titties Titties, Ass ‘n’ Titties” – DJ Assault, “Ass ‘n’ Titties”

2 decisions I regret:

  1. Taking up smoking weed as a kid.
  2. Selling some of my record collection on Discogs.

3 sets of people that should collaborate:

  1. Dizzee and Wiley need to be reunited and take us back to the Sidewinder era—with Slimzee on the decks, obviously.
  2. Noel and Liam Gallagher. I was a huge Oasis fan as a kid. Not sorry if that’s uncool.
  3. Scotland vs. England. It wouldn’t exactly be a collaboration, but rather the fiercest international footballing rivalry in the world.

4 things I haven’t done yet:

  1. Played a whole set sober.
  2. Kept a plant alive for more than six months.
  3. Adopted a dog (probably for the best, given the plant thing).
  4. Learned to play piano.

5 things I used to believe:

  1. That dubstep was shit.
  2. That I was a sick goalkeeper. At school they nicknamed me The Brick Wall because I was a beast, basically. Reflexes of a cat. Now I’m just a plain liability.
  3. That hard work alone could get you where you want to be.
  4. That being backstage or in the VIP section of a party is cool.
  5. That drugs were bad.

6 hours ago…

I was playing football in the sweltering heat of Barcelona for Ben Pearce’s charity football event at Sonar.

7 albums everyone should own:

  1. Daft Punk – Homework
    daft punk 300
  2. Prince – Dirty Mind
  3. Drexciya – The Quest
  4. Beverly Hills Cop OST
    BHC 300
  5. Ricardo Villalobos – Alcachofa
  6. Rustie – Glass Swords
  7. Oasis – (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?

After 8 p.m. …

…is when I wake up. I’ve always been a nighthawk and I work far better in hours of darkness. Getting up at or before noon is an achievement for me.

My 9 lives…

…were used up many years ago spray-painting rooftops in Glasgow. I’m down to my last one for sure. Fuck it—we’re here for a good time, not a long time, right?

I would touch with a 10 foot pole:

Tight penny-pinchers, thieves, and liars.

This article originally appeared in the Fall 2014 issue ofElectronic Beats Magazine. Keep an eye out for the next edition, as it will arrive soon!

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Counting with Giorgio Moroder

Giorgio Moroder’s considerable contributions to disco and electronic dance music have long elevated him to the eminent position of godfather of various resulting subgenres. With his recent appearance on Daft Punk’s disco roots paean “Random Access Memories”, he’s gone beyond being merely a big name amongst techno and house intelligentsia to being a household name. In this piece from our recent Winter, 2013 issue of Electronic Beats Magazine, we ask him to give us his digits.


1 memorable line in a film or song:

“I love you like a love song, baby.” – Selena Gomez


2 decisions I regret: 

– Not writing the score for the movie Fame.

– Not having invested in Apple.


3 sets of people that should collaborate: 

– Democrats and Republicans

– Devil and Angels

– Moroder and Rihanna


4 things I haven’t done yet: 

– Bungee jump

– Made a hole in one

– Cocaine



5 things I used to believe: 

– That Disco would never end… oops! It’s called EDM now.

– Santa Claus

– Tooth Fairy

– Easter Bunny

– Storks are where babies come from.


hours ago…

… I put together a new DJ set.


7 records everyone should own:

1. Pink Floyd – The Dark Side of the Moon

2. George Harrison – All Things Must Pass 

3. Donna SummerLive and More

4. Bob Dylan – Blonde on Blonde

5. The Beatles – Abbey Road

6. Michael Jackson – Thriller

7. Elvis Presley – Elvis Presley


After 8 p.m…. 

… I finish my Italian crossword puzzle that I started in the morning.


My 9 lives…

… 8 too many.


I wouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot pole…



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Counting with Kevin Blechdom

Kevin Blechdom is a matchmaker for unlikely aesthetic bedfellows, pairing academic computer composition with disarming pop melody and a healthy dose of banjo. In the Spring 2013 issue of Electronic Beats Magazine, she proved that even experimental musicians can go by the numbers. Take notes; there’ll be a quiz.


1 Memorable line in a film or a song:

“I need a pickle like this in bed with me every night.”
Andrea Feldman, who plays Jesse in Paul Morrissey’s Heat, says something like this while she’s jerking off this young guy through a hospital gown at the swimming pool while she’s talking to his brother. It’s not only what she says but how she says it that is so memorable.

2 decisions I regret:

– Doing things to make other people happy at the expense of my own happiness
– Doing things to make me happy at the expense of other people’s happiness

3 people that should collaborate (and why): 

– Ma Rainey
– Pythagoras
– André Vida

4 things I haven’t done yet: 

– Bestiality
– Gone to jail
– Gotten a tattoo
– Crack

5 things I used to believe:

– That other people could read my mind.
– That my imaginary friend was gonna tie me naked to a wooden plank and carry me across the street if I was bad.
– That getting drunk was fun.
– That I would never shave my armpits again.
– That I like music.

6 hours ago I was . . .

Drawing pictures of tape delays on a dry-erase board and explaining to college art students about how moving playback heads to different places on the tape equates to creating delay taps of different lengths of time.

7 albums, books and films that everyone should own:

– Conlon Nancarrow, Studies for Player Piano Box Set
– Dušan Makavejev, Sweet Movie
– Gregory Bateson, The Mind and Nature
– Douglas Hofstadter, Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid
– Terrence W. Deacon, The Symbolic Species
– Frank Henenlotter and R.A. the Rugged Man, Bad Biology (movie)
– Paul Morrissey, Heat

After 8 p.m. . . . 

I fell asleep watching really bad TV.

My 9 lives . . .

Will hopefully include a one where I get rich.

I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole:

Religion. ˜

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