Videodrome 123 – This weeks’s best videos

Each week, Moritz Gayard rounds up the best new music videos, so you don’t have to.


Videomania in full effect. No matter which niche your release is hailing from, you’ll probably need an accompanying video to enhance virality. Even Mr. Chris Cunningham (yes, this guy) is back on track and directing a music documentary about Warpaint. Unfortunately you have to wait until next week to see the beast. But you can get an idea here. Apart from this, there are some pretty rad, new videos below, showcasing the likes of Planningtorock, Rick Ross, Julien Mier, and many more.


#1 HTRK – “Poison” (Mika Vainio Remix), directed by Laure Prouvost

Prepping their next album, due in early 2014 – here’s the video for Pan Sonic Mika Vainio’s take on “Poison”, directed by Turner Prize nominee Laure Prouvost, who described the video as “toys with concepts of memory, forgetfulness, and repetition,”


#2 Perera Elsewhere feat. Gonjasufi – “Giddy”, directed by Pussykrew

Perera Elsewhere is my surprise of this year. Getting attention with her marvelous “Bizarre”, now she’s back with “Giddy” featuring Gonjasufi and an accompanying video. Her debut album Everlast will be released on FoF any time soon.


#4 Tricky feat. Francesca Belmonte – “Is That Your Life”, directed by Tricky & Len Trusty

Earlier this year, the one and only Tricky struck back with a new album and his own record label, both bearing the name False Idols. Now there’s the self-directed video for “Nothing’s Changed” featuring vocalist Francesca Belmonte.


#4 Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band – “Bad Dancer”, directed by Ben Dickinson

Yoko Ono apparently still makes music. And videos for that music. And videos in collaboration with Reggie Watts, ?uestlove, two of the Beastie Boys, Heems from Das Racist, and Ira freaking Glass. Prepare to bust out some of your worst dance moves.


#5 A$AP Rocky – “Angels“, directed by A$AP Rocky & Luke Monaghan

A$AP Rocky has just dropped a new music video for “Angels”, a bonus track from his excellent debut album Long.Live.A$AP. Watch the usual visuals, directed by Luke Monaghan & A$AP Rocky himself above.


#6 Julien Mier – “Super Tropic Tramp”, Koji Aramaki

Some months ago, the Dutch tunesmith Julien Mier dropped his Jane’s Junkyard EP. Now he’s unveiled a pretty geometric video for “Super Tropic Tramp”, a cut taken from his forthcoming When Will They Wake Up 12” for Canadian imprint King Deluxe.


#7 We Are Shining – “Wheel“, directed by Carl Addy

Can you still handle GIF-fun? Then head into this awesome/GIFsome new promo video, produced by the go-to post-production house The Mill, who are also responsible for these great videos.


#8 Rick Ross feat. Future – “No Games”, directed by Colin Tilley

Rick Ross returns with Future, fire, and fucking awesomeness in the Colin Tilley directed visuals, following his incredible music video for his first crack at “No Games”. Mastermind will be out out Dec, 17th.


#9 Planningtorock – “Welcome”, directed by P2R

Berlin-based producer Planningtorock is set to release her new album All Love’s Legal in February of next year. “Welcome” sounds like a short introduction to the album. Also, I’m happy that the nose is gone.


#10 Miss Kittin – ”Maneki Neko”, directed by San Charoenchai

Miss Kittin unveils 100% animated clip of his new song “Maneki Neo”, directed by San Charoenchai.


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Tropical Storm: Lauren Martin on John Talabot’s <i>DJ-Kicks</i>

John Talabot’s debut fin was a muggy, sun-bleached affair which became the critics’ favorite in 2012. However, his contribution to longstanding mix series DJ-Kicks suggests the weather may be about to break, says Lauren Martin. John Talabot plays Electronic Beats Festival Budapest this Friday, October 25th—for full details, head here.


With the release of his 2012 album fin, Spanish producer John Talabot‘s sound was hailed as having something quintessentially Mediterranean about it; crystalline shards of disco, house and indie pop shimmering across a humid landscape, woven into the kind of underhand Balearic rhythms that evoke dancing on a beach at sunset with a mojito in either hand. In its restrained sort of luxury fin was an engaging debut, but there’s always been elements of Talabot’s work that have insisted on something heavier than fin could carry: a mood that he was maybe unsure that he wanted to explore at the time, or couldn’t be portrayed in the style of fin more fully. Perhaps the landscape of fin felt humid because a storm was coming, as Talabot’s contribution to the DJ-Kicks mix series conveys this sense of uncanny gloom.

Speaking of the release, Talabot insisted that “It’s not an easy mix. It’s quite strange. It doesn’t really build up in the way many mixes do. A lot of the tracks I’ve never played in a club because they wouldn’t work.” Fittingly then, in the style of a series that encourages DJs to indulge in the unexpected, or less club-orientated facets of their tastes, Talabot’s mix is a curious yet compelling self-portrait figured through fin‘s sonic palette of muted greys and golds, showcasing his talent for weaving the smoothest routes possible between various lo-fi, esoteric elements of house.

Across the twenty-seven tracks, Talabot builds a melancholic atmosphere that feels almost masochistically inviting. Those Balearic shards of light do still burst through, but now it’s a grimmer sight, illuminating the dust hanging densely in the humid air. In a track list that has no heavy hitters or of-the-moments anthems, the theme comes across as finding familiarity in seemingly disparate elements: making multi-layered connections between his impeccable mixing, his collaborative work as a producer, and his curatorial talents as a label head that could be seen as too subtle for a big room club set.

In terms of mixing, Talabot finds a warmth in the sluggish thump of Madteo’s “We Doubt (You Can Make It)”, and pulls it to the fore through the hissing percussive afrobeat and choral inflections of Elmore Judd & Rowan Park’s remix of Harmonious Thelonious’ “The Grashopper Was The Witness”. It’s a gorgeous arrangement that shows his ear for teasing out subtleties—something that comes across in the curatorial elements of the track list itself, too. There’s selections from his own Hivern Discs label—two fuzzy, mournful cuts from Bostro Pesopeo & Pional and Mistakes Are OK—complimented by the sensuality of Moodymann’s remix of Mara TK’s “Run”, and the hollow, woodwind-inflected sound of Alex Burkat’s “Shower Scene”.

He doesn’t miss an opportunity to flaunt the scope of his vision either: by mixing his own “Without You” into Bowman’s soulful cut “Klinsmann”, and then rounding off the mix with a track from their Talaboman project “Sideral” (a darker, more driving slice of techno with an almost UK funky-esque chime melody), he shows just how deep he can reach, given the right collaboration. On reflection, Talabot’s contribution to the DJ-Kicks series doesn’t feel “strange” at all—rather, it shows that gloomier side to Talabot that fin was reaching for, with evident finesse. ~


John Talabot’s DJ-Kicks is released through !K7 on November 11th.


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X-MIX returns to Berlin


Fans of audio/visual dance delights, rejoice: X-MIX, the iconic and influential VHS series that melded the DJ mixes of some of techno’s finest with accompanying films and helped revolutionize the clubbing experience, is returning to Berlin. Helmed by the label !K7, the new X-MIX combines the heritage of the old series with the innovations of a new crop of emerging artists, paying respect to what came before with an eye on the the future of electronic music and digital art. Two separate events herald this rebirth: one on October 25th featuring John AcquavivaHrdvsionDerek Plaslaiko, and Marius Reisser, and another on November 22nd featuring Dave ClarkeObjekt, and Marius Reisser (again). Both take place in Wedding at the city’s favorite party-pool and Boiler Room sweathouse, Stattbad, and both featuring visuals by Pussykrew, the DIY experimentalists who comprise some of Berlin’s most intense video weirdos. We want you to be there to experience it all—past and present colliding, bodies and bass, vision and voice—and that’s why we’re giving you the chance to get in for free.

You can win five pairs of tickets (that’s ten total) on our Facebook page!

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Videodrome 115 – This week’s best videos

Every week, Moritz Gayard rounds up the best new music videos, so you don’t have to.


Looks like 9/9 at 9pm is a pretty prominent date for releasing music videos these days. The hype started with Arcade Fire, who dropped two boring videos for their dated music. Then there was Eminem trying to promote his album and video during a NFL halftime show. But this epic fail was not the end of the 9/9 drama. Also there’s new material from Terry Richardson. The lolitographer directed the new Miley video, which you’ll find in my list below. Also to explore: Iggy Azelia, Nicki Minaj, Tricky and the wonderful new band Oceaán. Have fun.


#1 Rainer – “Girls”, directed by Rainer

A perfect match of music and image. Fresh new sounds from London duo Rainer (Rebekah Raa and producer Casually Here) taken from their debut double A-side single ‘Money/ Girls’, which is out today via ASL Records.


#2 The Hics – “Tangle”

Some weeks ago, I stumbled over the refreshing beats from South Londoners The Hics. Now their very first video is out for the mesmerizing title-track, “Tangle” from their new EP.


#3 Tricky feat. The Antlers – “Parenthesis”, directed by Tricky

Moody video for “Parenthesis”, a standout track on Tricky‘s 2013 LP False Idols. With vocals from Peter Silberman of Antlers.


#4 Oceaán – “Neéd U”, directed by Oceaán and Luca Rudlin

Out of Manchester, this mysterious producer Oliver Caen, aka Oceaán, is one of my favorites of the year. Stay tuned for much more to come.


#5 Kobosil – “Aggregate”, dir. the29novENCORE

Released by Ostgut Ton’s sub label Unterton here’s the unofficial video for “Aggregate”. Turn up the bass.


#6 J. Krawietz – “Litost”, directed by Alby Álamo

The inspiring Decoder Magazine unveiled this nice, little video for spanish producer Javier Krawietz track “Litost”.


#7 Miley Cyrus – “Wrecking Ball”, directed by Terry Richardson

Man, I love Miley but I do think that the Richardson-aesthetic is somewhat dated.


#8 Aleph – “Fourth Way”, directed by Gero Doll

Canadian record label collective King Deluxe dropped a new video for Aleph’s track “Fourth Way”. And if you haven’t heard about him, take it easy—he hails from Siberia.


#9 Iggy Azalea ft. T.I. – “Change Your Life”, directed by Jonas and Francois

Australia’s rap queen Iggy is back with a lil vieo for her T.I. collaboration. Iggy, I am with you.


#10 Nicki Minaj – “I Don’t Give A”

Here’s the stunning one minute tour clip for Nicki Minajs verve Modanonna’s “I Don’t Give A”, taken from the official MDNA Tour DVD.~


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EB Album Premiere: Tosca’s <i>Tlapa</i>

We adore Austria for its long lasting, unstoppable output of easy to listen to electronica and especially Mr. Kruder and Mr. Dorfmeister, who started the game through releasing one of the most selling mix CDs on earth back in 1996. Their DJ Kicks CD, mixed for the Horst Weidenmüller-operated !K7 imprint in Berlin, definitely changed the game of mix CDs: these days, every little music outlet has its mix CDs. Anyway, 17 years later Richard Dorfmeister of K&D-fame is about to release his second album in 2013—together with his new partner, Rupert Huber under their Tosca umbrella, entitled Tlapa. And as it’s some sort of tradition for Tosca to get their albums remixed, Tlapa is a remix version of their earlier relased album Odeon, featuring reworks form the likes of Makossa & Megablast, Brendon Moeller, long-time friends Marlow & Rainer Trueby and many more.

Tosca’s Tlapa album is out August, 16th via !K7.

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