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Editor’s Choice: April 27, 2013

Want to know what’s been going into the collective ears of EBHQ? Read our regular hack to the best music the internet has spat out over the past seven days.

10 x 4 – Ghosts on Tape

We set the straight-talking Bay Area producer ten questions, ranging from politics, fame, coffee and the importance of sketchy fun. In his own words “fuck that shit, LET’S RAVE.”

10 x 4 – Kid Smpl

Kid Smpl – or Joey Butler to his friends – is the startlingly talented 21-year-old from Seattle with a impressive line in textured bass music cleaved from the more ambient end of the spectrum. His forthcoming EP Escape Pod, drops next month courtesy of Alex Ruder’s new Hush Hush label, a new imprint which ruminates … Continued

EB Exclusive: download M.E.S.H. – Alright, NO

M.E.S.H. knows how to make us m.o.v.e. Berlin-based producer Jaime Whipple‘s work falls somewhere between the jittery vibe of juke and the punch of house, with some seriously sick remixes under the belt as well. We already showed you his killer edit of Alba Kingz‘ ‘ Unsere Gegend’ in Monday’s Audioccult, and today we’re pleased … Continued

Meanbucket’s Massage Creep gets a video

Prague label Meanbucket has managed to stir waves in the bass scene in spite of its relatively short lifespan. With releases by Dance Mania’s Traxman and a healthy dose of Czech producers, the label has been on a steady rise. The latest case in point is its EP Massage Creep by Trusty&Freezer featuring a fine … Continued

Lucky Paul – South Georgia bound

Lucky Paul is not your usual faceless electronics producer. In fact he had to have his arm twisted to even consider releasing music with his label Somethinksounds, who are getting ready to drop his second record: Elephant Island, later this month. The Berlin based producer moonlights as Feist’s tour drummer and being wary of the … Continued

Photek’s DJ Kicks

The eagle eyed amongst you might have noticed last week that we posted on our Facebook page a Photek track from the latest !K7 release, DJ Kicks The Exclusive Tracks. However, as far as we knew Photek hadn’t actually made a mix for the long running series. Well guess what? He’s just has. The UK … Continued

Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka Interview

Doc Daneeka and Benjamin Damage are two British producers who have linked up with Berlin based Modeselektor to release their album THEY! Live on the duo’s 50Weapons label. Daneeka is also the man behind the cult-club label 50 Yen but we were first introduced to both producers at our Electronic Beats Modeselektor editorial take-over party. … Continued

Actress – R.I.P

R.I.P will be the name of Actress’s third album. Actress is the pseudonym of Darren Cunningham who’s skitzoid rhythms are dense with purple haze and paranoid ticks. His first album, Hazyville which was released on his Werk discs, hinted at some of the oddness to come but his record for Honest Jon’s – Splazsh was … Continued

Trusty&Freezer Massage the bass

Over the past year, the Prague label Meanbucket has established itself as a leading Czech imprint, when it comes to modern urban dance music. Aside from releasing an assortment of local producers, Meanbucket also hit the nail with an EP by Chicago ghetto house legend Traxman whose production has appeared on such iconic staples as … Continued

Ital says it Doesn’t Matter (If You Love Him)

Not long (well about four weeks to be precise) until Ital drops his debut album Hive Mind on Planet Mu. With releases on Not Not Fun as Sex Worker, and 100% Silk as Ital, Daniel Martin-McCormic hails from Washington DC and has a background in hardcore punk. Which is not, what we would have thought, … Continued

Butterz’ Winter Zip

Butterz the British grime, funky and nervous-bass music label are giving away a massive Zip of tracks. Featuring label mainstays such as Terror Danjah, Royal T and Mr Mitch the Zip is one of the label’s periodical HDD cleaning exercises. You can download the file here, and if you are in London this March and … Continued

Scuba’s got Personality

Scuba, aka Paul Rose, aka Spectr, aka SCB aka the man behind Hotflush Recordings has just announced details of his third album Personality. Promising a breadth of styles that fall loosely under the banner of electronic club music, Personality comes hot on the heels of his well received DJ Kicks contribution. In fact 2011 was … Continued

Burial – new music coming

Hyperdub label boss Kode9 has revealed via his Twitter feed a new E.P from Burial. “HDB059 Burial – Kindred EP. Join Hyperdub mailing list for news. Vinyl/digital and def less than 25quid” was the message. With no mention of a release date, we reckon the record will be out some time in the new year … Continued

Addison Groove to release album on 50 Weapons

Addison Groove + 50 Weapons – sounds like a match made in heaven to us. Groove, aka Antony Williams, aka Headhunter was revealed to be preparing an album for the imprint Resident Advisor’s label feature from yesterday which you can read here. Slated for release in March, this is actually going to be the second … Continued

The A-Z of King Midas Sound pt2

Original One thing we all hate is a biter. We work hard to try and present something new. So every one else should stop trying to make a sound they haven’t conceptually conceived. Poetry Poetry is essential to us. The use of powerful images to represent the human condition is a central tenet of our … Continued

Trick or mix – Halloween roundup

October 31st? Must be Halloween then, and what Halloween would be complete without a chilling selection of spooky mixes and evil tracks from some of our favourite selectors. To save you the trouble of searching the internet for your dose of musical devilry we have put together a round up of some the best mixes … Continued

Brand new music on latest R&S compilation

IOTDXI is the name of the latest compilation on R&S Records. R&S have long been known for collecting their current crop of records together in the collections such as ‘In Order to Dance’, and that is something that has continued with the imprint’s current incarnation, after they re-launching as a new independent label in 2009. … Continued

Dauwd says what’s there?

Hypnotic digital soul this morning from Dauwd, who has just put a shimmering new track from his upcoming E.P on Pictures onto his Soundcloud. Getting ready to play alongside Rudi Zygadlo in London later this month here Ikopol is quickly becoming a name on may peoples lips – which is no surpirse with tracks like … Continued

Cooly G gets serious

Cooly G is getting ready to drop her debut album early next year after tearing up dance-floors across Europe over the Summer. Arriving on the ever dependable Hyperdub, a taste of what to expect on Playing Me will be available on her next single; ‘Landscapes’ / ‘It’s Serious’ . Tweaked out and ready for the … Continued

10 x 4 – Objekt

Hype. Hype. Hype. It an inescapable facet of club music. If you want to be heard you’ve got to hype yourself and if something is good then every man and blog starts hyping it and in a maelstrom of “amazingness” separating the wheat from the chaff gets ever harder. However now and again an artist … Continued

Hear Thom Yorke + Modeselektor

Not long to go until Monkeytown, the much awaited new album from Modeselektor arrives, and one of the worst kept secrets about the release is that Radiohead front-man Thom Yorke is going to be making a guest appearance. A long time fan of the German duo, Yorke has been making overtures towards the speaker bothering … Continued

Ikonika’s Fleas

New music for you from Ikonika – mistress of the bleeping beat and arcade inspired melody. And in no way are we implying she has some tiny friends about her person – the track in question is called ‘Fleas’ and is taken from a three way record released on Hoya Hoya – the third in … Continued

Scuba kicks a mix

Hotflush overlord Scuba will be the next producer who lumbers up to the controls for an edition of !K7’s long running DJ Kicks series. Since moving to Berlin form Bristol a few years ago Scuba, real name Paul Rose, has release two stunning albums and put a huge amount of effort into introducing all kinds … Continued

Kuedo prepares Severant

Kuedo is the alter ego of pioneering bass producer Jamie Vex’d, and soon he is going to be releasing his first full length under the moniker called ‘Severant’. Produced with a striped down set up that favours spontaneity over studio noodling, Severant has a lighter, less abrasive sound than Jamie’s previous wok as one half … Continued

Damu preaches Unity

Manchester’s Damu is putting the final touches his debut album which will be released later this year – November 7th to be precise on the closest thing he has to a home label; Keysound. With just three releases under his belt so far – a brace of EPs and a split 12″, Damu has nailed … Continued

10 x 4 – Flume

Flume is not even in his twenties but very soon, we reckon this young Australian is going making waves with his half-stepping beats and nagging melodies. R&B dragged through the digital dimension, and spat out at the after-party his music is a heady brew of nostalgic hooks and futuristic arrangements. With his first release -the … Continued

Happy Birthday Densehall

Berlin’s Densehall is one year old and they are celebrating with a massive party at Chez Jacki – this Saturday Aug 27th. Bringing bass music heavyweights Slugabed and Anstam, the event also features My Dry Wet Mess, MFO, Silverman and the Dense All Stars. Beginning at 11pm the party will be preceded by an all … Continued

Funkystepz return to Hyperdub

Funkystepz, the DJ and production team who lit up dance-floors this year, and left a trail of sweaty jacked out bodies in their wake with their debut single ‘Fuller / Hurricane Riddim’ are returning to Hyperdub with the Trouble E.P. Three tracks of clattering drums synth stabs and squeaky-skank. Not for the faint hearted.

First listen to Martyn on Brainfeeder

Dutch techno & bass producer and DJ Martyn is going to release his next album on L.A’s Brainfeeder label the imprint run by Flying Lotus. Since he released his debut album Great Lengths in 2009 Martyn has become increasingly associated with the fertile breeding ground between techno, house and the myriad forms of post-dubstep music. … Continued

New Rudi Zygadlo E.P

Rudi Zygadlo will release his next E.P in September via Pictures Music called Achtung!, which we would guess is a reference to the Scottish producer’s new home of Berlin. Only 300 copies being pressed up, so if the physcial format floats your boat and you want a copy, we suggest you move quick. In the … Continued

Boiler Room comes to Berlin

In the short amount of time it’s been running, the Boiler Room – a live stream party come radio show, come platform for all kinds of forward thinking music, has established itself as a unique and essential part of the UK’s club music fabric. Following road trips to alternative venues and the Sonar Festival in … Continued

New Ghostpoet with xxxy & Lando Kal remixes

Ghostpoet, the Brownswood artist who has just been nominated for a Mercury prize is getting ready to drop his next single, and it’s backed up by some fine remixes. ‘Liiines’ is a shuffling introspective brit-hop jam with spacious live drums, surf guitars that rise and fall like the ocean and Ghostpoet’s distinctive lyrical flow. Manchester’s … Continued

New L-Vis 1990

L-Vis 1990 has slipped on a linen suit, pastel shirt and bad boy loafers ala Miami Vice for his latest single – ‘Lost in Love’. Featuring the vocal talents of Javeon McCarthy’ the single has a distinctly sunny, in-and-out of love vibe and is a perfect soundtrack to the dog days of summer. Backed up … Continued

Walton is Hyperdub’s new boy

Walton is going to be a new name to most people. In fact he is just about to release his first record anywhere and it arrives courtesy of Hyperdub. Seriously, is a better place to get your first break than on Hyperdub? Hailing from Manchester Walton’s debut E.P called simply ‘Walton E.P’ is made up … Continued

Mondkopf’s rising doom

French producer Mondkopf will release his second album in October and on first impressions we can report that Rising Doom is a suffocating, intoxicating brew of inky atmospheres that have been squeezed through an industrial grinder with added drum machine and rave-laser function. It’s heavy, it’s bleak and it sounds pretty damn fierce. Check out … Continued

Emika wrapping up debut album

Emika the Berlin based producer and sound designer will release her much anticipated debut album later this year. First coming to prominence with her dubstep-emo single ‘Drop the Other’, she swiftly followed with two more ‘Count Backwards’ and ‘Double Edge’. In between she also inspired Ostgut Ton‘s five year anniversary compilation Fünf by suggesting that … Continued

Actress to release album on Warp?

Actress has been a busy bee recently. Not only has he finished an album for his own Werk Discs imprint, he has another coming on Honest Jon’s and according to a Twitter feed from earlier today, he has one in the bag for Warp too. The details currently amount to zero but according to Actress’ … Continued

George Fitzgerald returns on ManMakeMusic

Geroge Fitzgerald will release his next record on ManMakeMusic the label he began with the collective of artists and producers behind the parties of the same name. The imprint he launched with his reworking of Groove Theory’s ‘Tell Me’. With a perfectly cultivated selection of releases on Aus and Hotflush this year and by extension … Continued

Drop Dead Festival: International art & music showcase

Since its beginnings at the legendary New York City venue CBGBs in 2003, the Drop Dead Festival has always been about the punkier side of art music. With a strong DIY ethic and the help of a small but devoted team of music lovers, promoter Polina Y has been making some of the best underground … Continued

Drop Dead Festival: International art & music showcase

Since its beginnings at the legendary New York City venue CBGBs in 2003, the Drop Dead Festival has always been about the punkier side of art music. With a strong DIY ethic and the help of a small but devoted team of music lovers, promoter Polina Y has been making some of the best underground … Continued

SBTRKT – The Man in the Mask

I’m talking to the man in the mask. The man who is making the world a better place with bass, beats electrified hooks and on-point vocals. From the early days of Brain Math and Ramp Recordings to his self-titled debut album with those Young Turks, SBTRKT (pronounced subtract) has never failed to do anything but … Continued

Modeselektor head to Monkeytown

Modeselektor, our favourite speaker bothering sonic hooligans are to release their third full length album later this year called Monkeytown – also the name of their record label. With guest spots from Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, Miss Platinum and members of PVT, the album will “most likely” have ten tracks on it according to the Modeselektor … Continued

Joy O readies Sicko Cell

Joy O may have slimmed down his name, but he certainly hasn’t trimmed his sound. The London-based producer is set to drop the heavily-rinsed single ‘Sicko Cell’ on Swamp81 soon; in the meantime we’re finally treated to a clean version here. ‘Sicko Cell’ will be released with the equally heavy B-side ‘Knock Knock’.

Feel Berlins subbass with Tiefdruckgebiet

Pretty much everyone likes bass, right? That deep, grumbling and vibrating feel around the stomach area you experience standing in the middle of a club. Electronic music without a bassdrum would be a mistake, right? So what happens if you leave away the music and start focusing on just the subbass, on the frequencies beyond … Continued

Hype Williams on Hyperdub

As we reported a couple of months ago Hype Williams are just about to drop an E.P on the UK’s most forward thinking bass imprint; Hyperdub. In typically obtuse Hype Williams fashion the record is called Kelly Price w8 gain ep vol II, but there is (of course) no Vol I to be found anywhere. … Continued

New music from Mount Kimbie

Stop. Look. Listen. Mount Kimbie our favourite post-bass duo have announced that they will be releasing some previously unheard music this June. The Carbonated EP is the final release from their Crooks & Lovers album, but it’s not just a rehash of music we have heard before – the E.P contains two previously unreleased tracks … Continued

Zomby goes 4AD

UK bass producer Zomby has signed to 4AD – home of (amongst others) Scott Walker and Arial Pink’s Haunted Graffiti. The first single to be released by the artist will be a limited edition (and no doubt highly sough after) 10" called ‘Natalia’s Song’ which was first heard when Burial and Kode9 were guests on … Continued

Altered Natives to release new compilation

Eye4Eye Recordings have announced they will be releasing their first album compilation for the label this 2011, presented by none other than Altered Natives. The compilation called The Guild of Synchronists, is a collection of works from a group of artists who some of you will know of, and some you will not know of, … Continued