Here are the Dates for Electronic Beats’ Spring 2015 Festivals

We’ve revealed the details for our 2015 EB Spring Festival Season. Click here to find the lineup, venue, and ticket details for Warsaw, here for Bratislava, here for Prague, and here for Cologne..

Our fall festival season closed last weekend, and we’ve barely had time to recover from our hangovers after raging at back-to-back showcases that starred some of our favorite artists, including Caribou, James Blake, and Jessy Lanza.

But everyone knows that the best cure for a nasty hangover is a little hair of the dog, so we’re easing the pain and nausea by occupying our minds with the next batch of EB bashes. In years past, our spring festival season hit Warsaw, Bratislava, Prague, and Cologne. Guess where we’re going in 2015…

Warsaw, Bratislava, Prague, and Cologne!!!!!

We’re kicking things off in Poland on February 27 and shutting it down here in Deutschland on May 29, and in between we’re hitting Slovakia on March 6 and the Czech Republic on March 13. We’re not ready to reveal the lineups yet, so why don’t we refresh your minds about some of last year’s headliners: Moderat, Four Tet, Hudson Mohawke, and Jon Hopkins, and more. You can relive Hopkins’ performance via the recording of his performance from last year’s stop in Cologne, below.

The possibilities for our 2015 season are wide open and full of endless opportunities, and as usual, we’re determined to one-up ourselves again. Pre-order tickets below.

This year, we have partnered with Festicket to offer you exclusive packages including your ticket and accommodation to the event. Buy your ticket here.

Update: Prague, you guys are crazy. We already sold 200 earlybird tickets in under two hours, so hold on tight for the official sales, which will begin in December.

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Live Report: Electronic Beats Festival Prague 2014

Last night was the first EB festival of the season with Diamond Version, Bonobo and Moderat kicking things off in the Czech capital. As always, Team EB was down the front to report back.


Lana Del Rey and Karin Park give way to Bonobo and Moderat. Twelve months after the ladies graced the stage of the Archa Theatre, it was time for the boys to rock the dancefloor. Modeselektor, Apparat and Bonobo are staples who have built quite a following among Prague audiences over the years. The last time the Monkeytown duo came to town under the EB flag at the grande Art Noveau venue at the Lucerna Palace, there was no leg or arm that wouldn’t be moving. Simon Green, better known under his Ninja Tune-affiliated moniker Bonobo, is also no stranger to the Czech capital. But first things first. All photos: Tomáš Martinek.

Diamond Version Electronic Beats Festival Prague 2014

Raster-Noton’s stalwarts Carsten Nicolai and Olaf Bender have taken on the unenviable task of the first act, but they had no reservations, oozing a confident, composed and direct mode of audiovisual rapport with the audience, which they had plenty of opportunity to practice during their massive Depeche Mode stadium support gigs last year. Their bass-heavy instrumentals, at times abstract, at others sounding like a man-machine marriage between Kraftwerk and Drexciya. Accompanied by monochrome visuals, Diamond Version actually look like a modern day version of the German pioneers, their laptops emanating stark, minimalist sonics drawing from the wealth of Nicolai’s Alva Noto and Bender’s Byetone ouevre.



The Englishman returned to Archa after his last year’s successful concert at the same venue, only to reinforce his popularity among the Czech audience. Unleashing his live show—including a drummer and a keyboarder—one doesn’t have to be a music expert to understand Bonobo’s wide appeal. Jazzy inflections and chilled atmospherics interspersed with soothing female vocals are in some way the anti-thesis of Diamond Version’s cool sonic universe. “I always want to concentrate on the human aspect of music, I want to make my music sound human without resorting to emo tactics,” as the global sonic traveller has told us in an interview.



Moderat Electronic Beats Festival Prague 2014

“..In the beginning, it was more of a fun thing. When we did our first album, we didn’t really expect much. But in the studio, we found out there’s this incredible energy between us,” says Sascha Ring aka Apparat. Tonight, they demonstrate their chemistry to the buoyant crowd, who eagerly await the Berlin-based trio, falling under their spell within an instant. Hallo Prague, wie gehts? And then, as the first beats of the biggest hit off their latest album Moderat II fill the theatre hall, the hands are in the air. Bad Kingdom with the backdrop of the hand-drawn imagery from the actual video, projected by their resident visualists Pfadfinderei, is an apotheosis of their set, which also includes older material.


Although apparently diverse projects, the three acts have woven a specific musical thread throughout the Friday night, that catered for those eager to dance, sing-along or ruminate. ~





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Tonight: Electronic Beats Festival Prague 2014


*UPDATE* Pre-sale tickets for this event are entirely sold out. Stay tuned for your chance to win tickets on our site!

We recently announced the dates for the Spring editions of this year’s EB Festivals; now we’re pleased to bring you details of the first full line-up!

Today, we return once more to the beautiful and mysterious city of Prague, once again filling the stage of the lovely theater Divadlo Archa with three excellent acts. Headlining the evening will be the trio who swept our 2013 Reader’s Poll: that’s right, it’s Moderat! The Apparat/Modeselektor collaboration clearly featured heavily in your thoughts, so the climax of the festival will find them blasting your faces with their white hot sounds. Following last year’s album The North Borders, British producer Bonobo will bring his trademark groove to the procession with his arsenal of densely-layered downtempo in a special live set. Rounding out the night are two more special guests: Diamond Version, the collaborative project of Raster-Noton founders Carsten Nicolai and Olaf Bender, whose slogan-heavy experimental electronics will give your ears something to salivate over. Finally, support comes from local act DJ Felix.


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Video Flashback: Woodkid

Yoann Lemoine is a polymath. You’d think establishing a career as a top tier video director with Lana Del Rey, Rihanna, Drake and Taylor Swift as clients would be enough to satisfy the highest of achievers. Not our boy Lemoine though, who, under the guise of Woodkid, finds time to make orchestral chamber pop—and, more importantly, does it well (his 2012 album The Golden Age was critically well-received and made a sizeable dent in charts across Europe). Call us early adopters, but we knew we were onto something good when we booked him to play EB Festival Prague and Bratislava in early 2012 and again in Zagreb in Autumn. We’ve included all three in this Video Flashback for your viewing pleasure—because who knows when it’ll happen again…


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Live Report: Depeche Mode in Prague, July 23, 2013

As their European tour winds down, our Prague correspondent Lucia Udvardyova reports from an especially memorable occasion. All photos by Markus Nass.


Most of the events I’ve been going to in the last few years have had 100 people tops attending. In the age of diminishing audiences, a sold-out stadium comprising of 35,000 people chanting, singing, screaming and engaging in a interpersonal frenzy all for one band, is something that I haven’t and probably won’t ever see again. The sweltering Tuesday night in a football stadium in Prague welcomed the Essex band with open arms. No wonder, since Depeche Mode fans in former Czechoslovakia and Eastern Europe count among the most enthusiastic. I remember listening to Black Celebration as a child in my dad’s car during the ’80s, my black-clad cousin and everybody else doing the same. You were either a long-haired “metal-head” or a “DM head” back then, nothing in-between. The numerous DM revival posters that you still get to see around the city only reinforces the immortality of the band’s appeal.

Prague is a strong and faithful host of Depeche Mode, and tonight’s gig, supported by CHVRCHES, coincides with a rather special occasion, Martin Gore’s 52nd birthday. The moment Gore, the suave songwriter, vocalist and guitarist, delves into his melancholic, romantic delivery— his eyes closed, embracing the moment of sonic crowd communion—hundreds of white signs emblazoned with birthday wishes rise up in the air. As the obligatory “Happy Birthday” is sung— Gore is visibly moved—Dave Gahan swiftly runs from the side of the stage and surprises him with a birthday kiss.


This year has seen the release of DM’s 13th album Delta Machine, which is incorporated into the first half of their show. Obviously, most of the people here are here for live—often amended— renditions of “Personal Jesus” or “Enjoy the Silence”, and as one of the most popular bands of the last 30 years, they probably will have to get used to playing the songs of the yesteryear to a sea of incredibly devoted, ecstatic fans. When the old hits get to the fore, the day’s light turns into a dimly-lit evening, and a full moon rises above the walls of the sports amphitheatre. The swirling hands and bodies caressed by colorful lighting conjure an almost psychedelic optical effect.

The svelte Gahan, now in his 50s, is in top form, teasing the audience, jumping, twisting and turning. The baritone vocalist is smooth and natural, like a lion on his turf, commanding the stage as if he was born on it. Watching the quirky, self-conscious performance of “New Life” from 1983, Gahan dressed in a suit like a smart bank clerk, the transformation into a tattooed swarthy frontman of a group that can easily sell out stadiums with music that’s neither saccharine pop or rock, is one of the pop-cultural phenomenons of 20-21st century music. The electronics give way to live instrumentation, sometimes even venturing into blues rock territory.

As the evening draws to a close, I wonder how will they bid farewell, how to bring the town-sized crowd to an apex and let them go. After two and a half hours, it is not Delta Machine‘s “Goodbye” but the classic “Never Let Me Down Again” from Music for the Masses, the final song and the mass of people leave the temporary musical habitat. “Dressed in Black”, it’s been a “Pleasure, Little Treasure”.~


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