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Throughout the last decade, Lotic has carved out a space of her own in Berlin’s nightlife. After relocating from Texas in the early 2010s, she became affiliated with the Janus Collective, notorious in the capital for their pop-leaning club aesthetics that challenged the purist sounds of the local techno scene. Acclaimed EPs like Heterocetera and Agitations and remix commissions … Continued

Watch NI’s Sonic Hooks Session Featuring Lotic, Fatima Al Qadiri And More

In the last edition of the Native Sessions, NI invited producers and DJ’s to explore the sonic possibilities of their Maschine controller and Komplete software package. Lotic, Fatima Al Qadiri, Kabuki and more shared their experiences and knowledge and how they crafted their individual signature sounds. Watch a playlist of all the talks above, featuring an introduction … Continued

See Visionist, Lotic and M.E.S.H. For Free at Institut fuer Zukunft

What could be better than seeing future club gods Visionist, Lotic and M.E.S.H. at the incredible Institut fuer Zukunft club? How about seeing them for free? We’re giving you the chance to win passes to this Friday’s Cry Baby party—a staff favorite at EB—and you barely even have to do anything to get it! Just post your favorite track from the … Continued

Arca and Lotic Score Prada’s SS2016 Campaign Videos

Prada is known for making bold musical choices and holistically integrating them into its audio-visual style. Earlier this month, they scored a menswear advertising campaign with “Slay”, a track by Janus affiliate and two-time EB interviewee Lotic, and now they’ve revealed a short film featuring deconstructed club beats by Venezuelan producer Arca. Watch it above.

Listen to Lotic’s Piston-Pumping New Mixtape

If you’re a fan of time-stretched mechanical gyrations and salt-of-the-earth dread, we highly recommend you check out Lotic’s new collection of HD menace for Janus. After last month’s announcement of intent, Agitations is now streaming via Lotic’s Soundcloud. Get it before it disintegrates into plasma.

Lotic Announces Janus Release

Fresh from the social media grapevine is welcome news that singular sample shredder Lotic will be dropping a new mixfile titled Agitations, on the record label arm of Janus. Posts on Facebook and Instagram announced that the mix will be out on November 13. In the meantime you can read Lotic’s illuminating recommendation of BEYONCÉ from the Spring 2014 … Continued

This App Could Make Audio Mastering Engineers Obsolete

Simplicity and automation make LANDR one of the most promising tools in the rapid evolution of music mastering technology. What takes professional studio engineers hours can be done in minutes via a simple drag and drop interface. This could do for production what the sync button did for mixing. And it could also open up … Continued

Stream A Native Instruments Live Session And Win A NI Maschine

Join us today, February 23 at Prince Charles in Berlin for an evening that explores the significance and lineage of hooks in modern songwriting. In this edition of Native Sessions, the workshop series led by Native Instruments, you’ll learn tools and techniques for crafting cutting-edge sonic hooks using the Maschine controller and Komplete software package, … Continued

Hood by Air Founder Teams Up With Arca On New Track

After scoring Prada’s Spring 2016 fashion campaign, experimental R&B-related darling and Björk producer Arca has joined forces with another fashion mogul: Hood By Air’s Shayne Oliver. The producer collaborated with the Ghe20g0thik-affiliated designer on a new album under the moniker Wench, and they just shared a new track via Dazed.  Arca says they have more … Continued

Non Records And NAAFI Face Off With Rabit, Angel Ho And More

African label Non Records has partnered with Mexican collective NAAFI on a formidable new mixtape with an equally formidable mission statement: “Citizens of NON are armed against confusion and uncertainty. The blows and misfortunes of the battle vs. NAAFI only give us additional strength, firm resolve, and a spiritual and fighting will to overcome all difficulties … Continued

NAAFI’s Pirata 2 Mixtape Is The Best Thing

A smentioned in our Mexico City guide, label and collective NAAFI are one of Mexico’s finest aural exports, twisting traditional forms of dance music into stranger soundscapes for those with a taste for the strange. The collective have now released Pirata 2, their latest mixtape of bootleg edits and remixes. Packed with reworked bangers from forward-thinking producers … Continued

Stream Electronic Beats’ New Spotify Playlist

Fill your ears with a new playlist compiled by the EB team, featuring artists and acts like LA noise band HEALTH and R&B futurist Lotic, plus Mumdance, Arca, Holly Herndon, Pharmakon, Aïsha Devi, Youth Code, Prurient, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma and more.

Electronic Beats Writers’ Reflections 2013

For more insight into the people behind Electronic Beats—the ones who voted for our Releases of the Year—we asked our contributors for a list of their own devising and a few words about their year.

Syncing with Weird Magic

Today we are excited to sync Electronic Beats with Weird Magic and present you pictures from Erez Avissar’s NYC-based party Weird Terrain’s Berlin special.