Non Records And NAAFI Face Off With Rabit, Angel Ho And More

African label Non Records has partnered with Mexican collective NAAFI on a formidable new mixtape with an equally formidable mission statement: “Citizens of NON are armed against confusion and uncertainty. The blows and misfortunes of the battle vs. NAAFI only give us additional strength, firm resolve, and a spiritual and fighting will to overcome all difficulties and obstacles with revolutionary élan.”

Listen here and check the full tracklist—which features Angel Ho, Rabit, Chino Amobi and more—below.

Moro – Arrepientanse (Non)
Lao – Caracol Ha (NAAFI)
Angel Ho – Removals (Non)
Omaar – Imaginary Friends (NAAFI)
Farai – The Sinner (Non)
Lechuga Zafiro – 130 Volt Spatina (NAAFI)
Lechuga Zafiro – 130 Mck2 X (NAAFI)
Rabit – Tenhi3 (Non)
Lechuga Zafiro – Orquidea T-1000 (NAAFI)
Angel-ho, Rabit, Chino Amobi – Treaty (Non)
Zut Zut – Metele (NAAFI)
Nkisi – Collective Self Defence (Non)
Paulmarmota – Aire (NAAFI)
Chino Amobi – Disturbia Remix (Non)
Lao – Melting Scheme (NAAFI)
1127 – Sub02 (Chino Amobi Remix) (Non)