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Watch Klaus Blatter Flip His 5 Favourite B-Sides

Vintage cuts from the Acid House Enigma himself

Our recent EB podcast guest Klaus Blatter, the self-described “pioneer of acid house,” seems to have finessed his way into the genre’s who’s who without a lick of proof. He says he was left out of the history books, but his ability to snag a “comeback” gig at Glastonbury sans any verified credentials cheekily points to the success of grifters in our current era. More power to him. Part of his offbeat charm is his ability to make a strong impression. A caricature of a throwback raver, you won’t often see his moustachioed self without the highlighter yellow BVB track jacket, olive fedora, and matching visor shades. For us, though, it’s his music that pushes to the forefront. Watch him flip his B-side selects in the video below. 

Within, Blatter refers to himself in third person, spouts some 1980s history, and describes his vintage cuts with evocative metaphors, as if reciting some roundabout type of lysergic poetry.  “It reminds me of the stalking powers of the birds of prey who swoops and swoops before finding its victim–and then strikes swiftly,” he says of Divine’s “Native Love (Step by Step) USA Remix,” “This track has this build to it.” For his second choice, “Astoria,” he describes a conger eel slithering up the Amazon River. More comedic absurdism to jumpstart your 2020, inside.


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