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Pet Shop Boys’ “Leaving” music video — EB Premiere

You’ve seen their live show, read our interview and listened to Elysium? In this case you’re pretty much set for Pet Shop Boys‘ new “Leaving” music video, which is using video footage from the Berlin concert as well as footage from Berlin’s urban image. Neil Tennant‘s and Chris Lowe‘s second single off their new album … Continued

EB Video Premiere: Recomposed By Max Richter – Vivaldi’s ‘The Four Seasons’

Max Richter thinks big. How else can you explain recomposing one of the most celebrated composers in history? Nevertheless, the German neoclassical composer has taken Vivaldi‘s The Four Seasons and, as part of the Deutsche Grammophon series Recomposed, edited it in his own fashion. Conducted by André Ridder and performed by the Konzerthaus Kammerorchester Berlin, Recomposed by Max Richter is an album … Continued

EB Premiere: Bruxa – Paperweight Pt. 1

Download a new track from the Portland trio that draws influences from modern witch-goth music, the grinding drops of dubstep, and the throbbing insistence of techno. Add a touch of screwed hip-hop and you have a gem of blackened sound that’s perfect for clubland seances.

EB Premiere: Alphabets – IV

Our favorite DIY Los Angeles label Deathbomb Arc is gearing up for some serious Summer cassette releases in a variety of sounds; from the experimental R&B electronics of Yola Fatoush to the harsh noise/hip-hop of Clipping (featuring, among others, Jonathan Snipes of the godly Captain Ahab). It’s the latest junt from Denver’s Alphabets, however, that mosts excites us. This … Continued

EB Premiere: Julien Mier – Watercolour Sky

We like nature as much as anyone, but Julien Mier‘s new video for ‘Watercolour Sky’ might be a tad too rustic— a few weeks in the trees and all our cool shoes would be ruined. Still, there is something magical about living in a treehouse and awaking to find your world full of origami birds, … Continued

EB Premiere: Deathface – Body Count (feat. Star Eyes)

  Deathface never fails to make us sweat. Having recently acquired the vocal talents of Effy, his latest work goes harder than anything he’s done before. The eight tracks on the From Beneath EP amp up the aggression levels beyond bloodraves and into a realm closer to the bruise-inducing fury of the pit, the adolescent … Continued

EB Video Premiere: Fiordmoss – Hard a Starboard

Their yearning, Nordic-style electrofolk has made Fiordmoss one of the most acclaimed up-and-comers to emerge from the Czech independent music scene. The duo’s trio’s most recent album Ink Bitten was first released digitally in February 2012, and recently re-released on June 4th (complete with remixes) in a snazzy vinyl edition. “The title draws inspiration from … Continued

EB Premiere: Jaws – Covered In White

Hundebiss Records always delivers the heavy black beats we love to hear, from the synthcrust of Sewn Leather to the space-age soundtrip of STARGATE. You feel us by now: it’s our audio nihilism leaking out, and when it comes to nihilsynthesis we’re happy to have Jaws soundtracking our souls. His video interpretations of the Stress Test … Continued

EB Premiere: We Have Band – Tired Of Running

We Have Band and their bouncy, angular tunes have been on our radar since their 2008 debut single ‘Oh!’, and their music videos have always been second to none (including the excellent treatment by UK wünderkind David Wilson). ‘Tired Of Running’ is an equally-enchanting slice of electro-pop off their latest album Ternion, and comes courtesy … Continued

EB Premiere: Bruxa – V?! (Nightmare Fortress Remix)

Portland’s Bruxa stole our ears with their 2011 single ‘Die At Your Door‘, all grinding, dub/trap-influenced beats that echo back the witch-influenced vibes lurking in the social online consciousness. Their latest single ‘V?!’ is even stronger/stranger; Haddaway meets DAF by way of Robots In Disguise? Now that’s focus. The LA-based label Sweating Tapes is releasing … Continued

Visions Of Trees – Sirens (Novocaine) – EB Premiere

Hailing from London, Sara Atalar and Joni Juden share a similar grasp of sentiment. Working together under the banner of Visions Of Trees, the pair first became known as remixers. Now the time has come for their sophomore release, following the amazing ‘Sometimes It Kills’/‘No Flag’ from earlier this year. We are more than happy … Continued