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Kompakt Pop-Up Store Berlin, full program announced!

Kompakt Pop-Up Store is coming to Berlin, supported by Electronic Beats

LittleBig Agency to host a stage at Tauron Nowa Muzyka with LFO, Holly Herndon and Venetian Snares

Live Report: Electronic Beats presents 20 Years of Kompakt at Sónar

Electronic Beats presents 20 Years of Kompakt

The alphabet according to DJ Koze

EB Video Premiere: Popnoname – “Change”

“Sounds like Prince!”: Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor in conversation with Justus Köhncke

“Germans are probably funny people”: An interview with Uwe Schmidt

Philip Sherburne recommends DJ Koze’s Amygdala

Videodrome 93 – This week’s best videos

The Week in EB: March 17, 2013

Brothers Connected: an interview with Voigt & Voigt

EB Video Premiere: Jens-Uwe Beyer – Deutz Air 2

Videodrome 82 – This week’s best videos

EB Video Premiere: John Tejada – Radio Channel

The Radio Sessions: John Tejada

Track-by-Track: Michael Mayer on Mantasy

Editor’s Choice 9

EB presents Pet Shop Boys screening and after-show party

Stefan Betke vs. Wolfgang Voigt

EB Listening: Pole – Waldgeschichten (full trilogy)

Justus Köhncke recommends Can’s The Lost Tapes

EB Listening: Christian Löffler – A Forest

The Radio Sessions – Electronic Beats On Air with WhoMadeWho on FluxFM

WhoMadeWho and Tomas Barfod join for a Beach Party Below the Cherry Moon

Terranova Question Mark video

EB Listening: o F F Love – Probably Love

Videodrome #37 – This week’s best videos

Gudrun Gut recommends The Field’s Looping State of Mind

WhoMadeWho’s Inside World

Interview: Rainbow Arabia

Dance around the Pole

The Field loops his state of mind

Walls prep second album

Next is Saschienne

Wolfgang Voigt turns Kafka into music

Introducing Snortex

Gatekeeper – Delving into the past, brushing against the future

Kompakt go knee-deep with WhoMadeWho

Matias Aguayo teams up with Battles