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Ultrasonic Waves Can Change Our Memories At A Distance

In a startling new development within the scientific community, scientists have discovered what music fans across the world have probably intuited since just about ever: that sound has the capacity to influence the mental processes of memory and forgetting.

Built upon principles of sonography (a method that uses ultrasonic waves for a whole variety of purposes, like non-invasive surgery and analyzing internal body processes) scientists at the Salk Molecular Neurobiology Laboratory have now made breakthroughs in being able to selectively control certain brain cells. This new procedure, called sonogenetics, can reconnect brain cells and alter the character of these connections, thus opening the door to a whole host of non-invasive techniques for discovering the mysteries of memory, trauma and forgetting, or indeed, even creating new types of mnemonic connections.

Sonogenetics is still in its infant phase—it’s thus far only been tested on worms. Until then, if you can’t wait for some psychoactive memory transformation you’re probably better off blissing out to your favorite long-form drone composition.