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Download The Game That Lets You Explore Berlin’s Nightclubs

All Walls Must Fall is a tech-noir tactics game that lets you explore an alternate Cold War history.

Last year, we announced the release of All Walls Must Fall, a video game set in Berlin’s nightclubs. Players are able to travel through space and time to explore an alternate history of the German capital where the Cold War never ended. “The Cold War never ended,” the video game’s website says of the plot. “For 150 years both sides have used time manipulation technology to observe and counter each other’s every move. Now this fragile state of affairs is approaching a breaking point, as a rogue nuclear strike will send the world into turmoil. Both sides have scrambled to send agents back in time to find who is behind the attack and how to prevent it. If they fail, the whole world will turn to ash, forever.” You can get instant access to it and start playing here, although the game designer has noted that it’s still in its final stages of completion.

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