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Stream The Synth-Heavy Soundtrack To Stranger Things 2


The return of the already-cult television show Stranger Things is imminent. But while you have to wait until October 27 to experience the visual delights of the second season, you already have the chance to enter its surreal ’80s horror-tinged parallel universe by listening to its soundtrack.

The soundtrack sees Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein—who are also members of the Austin-based band S U R V I V E—return on compositional duties. Dixon and Stein were in charge of composing the first season’s compelling suites of gloomy and beautiful synthscapes that paid reverence to the masters of ’80s horror soundtracks like John Carpenter, Alan Howith and Golem. As they recently commented on their work for the new season, the soundtrack continues their signature style with an array of vintage analog synthesizers to provide a slew of moods ranging from the nostalgic and hazy to the manic and mysterious. Listen to the whole album in full below.

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