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​Kasper Bjørke on ​Climate Change​ and the Need to ​Travel

“I​ hope to inspire other people and DJs, to think about the climate when they plan their tour. ”

International DJ gigs, long-distance flights and climate protection – how can these things be linked together? The Danish DJ, producer and music manager Kasper Bjørke is taking up this polemic question and has been committed to reducing his carbon footprint since he became a parent five years ago. Among other things, the environmentally-conscious DJ is avoiding air travel as much as possible and tries to tour only to cities that are reachable by train. For the Telekom Electronic Beats Podcast, Kasper Bjørke met Gesine Kühne right before his performance at Grace Club in Milan. In this interview, he talks about traveling 25 hours by train for a gig and how he likes to spend his time. He describes how his environmentally friendly decisions are shaping his career and that he hopes to inspire others without shaming anyone. But how can the music and club scene be more sustainable in the long term? How can DJs, club owners, bookers and agents become more active? The conversation with Kasper Bjørke is meant to inspire reflection.

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