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10 Albums For Lovers Of The Occult

From Diamanda Galas and Cabaret Voltaire to electronic pioneer Mort Garson.

Music and the occult have a long history together. We’re not talking swagger-jacking metal bands with a pentagram behind them, but rather the deep rituals of Coil, John Zorn, Current 93, Om and others. “What others?” you ask skeptically. “You can’t just set that up and not follow through. Bad.” Well, check out the words below this paragraph.

Ultraculture have posted ten of their favorite magick-soaked albums, and it’s not everything you’d think. Of course the great Diamanda Galas reigns there, as well as some favorites like Dead Can Dance, Earth and Lustmord‘s epic The Word As Power (which we reviewed when it dropped). But there’s a few curveballs as well; it’s fascinating to learn about electronic pioneer Mort Garson’s interest in the occult, and to remember that damn, yes, Stereolab did collaborate with Nurse With Wound. For beginning practitioners or veteran heads, this is a nice look into the esoteric world of consciousness-altering music. Check out the full list here.

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Illustration: Carmen Lop