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Saga Helps You Control Your Digital Artwork

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Ever sold or loaned an image, video or piece of music to a website, only to see it decontextualized amidst things you hate? Perhaps your doomy music video was misinterpreted and placed in a list of quasi-fascist industrial-pandering content that you’d like to protest against? Well, a new framework from interdisciplinary artist Mat Dryhurst entitled Saga gives you the chance to retain control of your content, even when it’s left your hands. The potential for Saga is more exciting than it may seem on the surface: imagine if the discourse surrounding your work could evolve once it’s in the online domain. People could communicate and organize action through their digital artworks and potentially usurp or hinder Internet hierarchies. Get in there and explore the potential. Saga was released through Bard College’s aCCessions journal and it’s free. Why would’t you?