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This 30-Tape Sculpture Creates A Decaying Cassette Symphony

If you’re into mechanical failure and dissonant tape experimentation—and who isn’t?—then you ought to check out “No Sharps, No Flats” at the Transformer gallery in Washington D.C.

A cacophonous symphonic experiment in the degredeation of physical media, it features 30 deconstructed tape decks that’ve been rigged up to play songs by artists from the D.C. area. Though each song has been composed in C Major, the inevitability of motor wear ensures a number of different listening experiences before the descent into total dissionance. Check out some photos of the installation below.

You can learn more on Transformer’s website. And if you want to learn more about the creative potential of destruction, then check out our interview with Vinyl Terror & Horror and Author & Punisher.

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(via Hyperallergic)