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This 6,000+-Track Album Was Produced Using Code

Endless Strings is a month’s worth of unique compositional listening.

What a world we live in. Synths created out of your own stem cells, AIs producing music and (very, very) LPs being crafted using code. Songshark, a company based out of the Harvard Innovation Lab, has recently released the award-winning album Endless Strings, an album of classical music that takes about a month to listen to. The result is some surprisingly affecting music, considering that the process was procedural, and the curious titles (“Caustic Remark Unnecessary” is a favorite) make for some interesting free associations.

The entire album can be streamed via their website, whenever you have the time. For a closer look into the project members, CTO Andrew Fenlon has also brought code-based music to the DJ world—have a listen to “codestep”.