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A DIY Analog Synthesizer Made Of Cigarettes & Ashtrays


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Smoking may be hazardous to your health, but a cool analog synth is good for social health. Take a puff on Christian Losert and Paul Schengber’s Ziggybox, a DIY project that generates sounds based on the position of cigarettes placed in the ashtrays or by opening the cigarette packs. “The aim of this project is to enable access and control of a complex, digital environment, which is not usually transparent and under-standable for the common visitor,” say the duo. “Our intention is to show that it is possible to conceptualize the creative utilisation of computer software in a casual way, by an interface, which initially seems to be unsophisticated in its manipulation.” I tried to do the same thing with a bong, but then Rick & Morty came on and..well, you know.