A Neo-Tokyo Mix For Cyber-Dreamz – Telekom Electronic Beats

A Neo-Tokyo Mix For Cyber-Dreamz

Take your ghost out of it’s shell with this mix of ’80s and ’90s cyberpop, ambient and electronic music geared toward late-night rides through Neo-Tokyo. Though for our money, nothing still beats the original Akira soundtrack.


Delia Derbyshire – Air
Lain – Infanity World
Yellow Magic Orchestra – Absolute Ego Dance
Apogee & Perigree – アニマロイド・MVII
Miharu Koshi – 走れウサギ
Fumie Hosokawa – Poupée De Cire Poupée De Son
Ryuichi Sakamoto – Neo Geo
Susumu Hirasawa – Moon Time
M-ZIQ – Wergle The Proud
Syun – I Location (1984)
Deux – Ministry of Love
Momus – Voyager
Pizzicato 5 – The Night Is Still Young
Towa Tei – Ch. Galaxy
Cibo Matto – Apple
Lain – 人ぼっち1B