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A Piece of Detroit Music History Destroyed on Video

News of a historic building being destroyed in Detroit isn’t exactly a head-turning story in 2015, but this Facebook video depicting the destruction of the Eastown Theater calls to mind the city’s rich and multifaceted past like few others. According to Historic Detroit, the Eastown was originally home to a 2,500-capacity cinema from the early ’30s to 1968, when it became an rock venue hosting the likes of prodigal Detroiters The Stooges and MC5 along with era-shaping acts like Jefferson Airplane and Captain Beefheart. The Eastown was also known as a “veritable drug supermarket,” drawing a predominantly blue-collar audience, and in the ’90s the Eastown became a haunt for Detroit rave culture. Learn more about the Theater’s history here, and for a multifaceted portrait of modern Detroit, explore our 72 Hours in Detroit feature.


Rough Video of Eastown Theatre falling.

Posted by Detroit Ginger on Tuesday, November 24, 2015