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A Rare Mix of Spectral Avantgarde Sounds

Spectral music pioneer Costin Miereanu was a mentor to Romania’s sonic avantgarde in the ’80s, even though his work has had a much wider impact on music academia across the borders. He studied under Karlheinz Stockhausen, György Ligeti, and Ehrhard Karkoschka, joined the elite board at Sorbonne in 1981 to teach aesthetics, philosophy and the science of art, and started an international network of musical semiotics in 1984 which coined a new direction in approaching modern musical composition. His pieces are hauntology at its best—transfixing journeys through echoing spaces of the discontinuous memory.

Here’s a good point to start exploring this obscure avantgarde composer’s eerie, abstract sounds, courtesy of Romania’s The Attic.

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