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A Symphony Of Smartphones Briefly Stopped Festival Selfies


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Could this be the first selfie-less performance at a festival since the advent of the camera phone?

Everyone knows what it’s like to be struck down by a horde of selfie-snappers at a festival. You’re there, watching your favourite DJ, starting to work yourself into the groove and suddenly a phone’s right in front of you, screen-blue faces and blank smiles doing everything but, it seems, listening. Maybe the Smartphone Orchestra has worked out how to put these unwanted gadgets to work instead.

Designed by Dutch creative lab, Wild Vreemd, this orchestra uses highly innovative app technology so that over a thousand handsets can become a unique sound source in the slightly minimalism-inspired performance. If you’re a selfie fanatic, this might be a concert to miss—you may not have a photo to remember it by.

Read how the Yondr device is creating phone-free venues here.

(Via The Ransom Note)