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A Transportive Autechre Mix


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Let’s face it: it’s Wednesday, the part of the week that Dilbert comics have taught us is when the workplace lag usually sets in, leading to mental decay. You need to get your mind away from it all, and this Autechre mix is the perfect tool for that. Made in 2012 by blogger Orkyx as a love-letter to the IDM duo, Autechre & Altered:Carbon collects a range of tracks into one long thread to great effect; as one Youtube commenter put it: “58 minutes of this is starting to make me feel like my brain is leaking.”

01 Paralel Suns
02 Redfall
03 VI Scose Poise (Bola Remix)
04 St. epreo
05 Krib
06 KrYlon
07 Fol3
08 Outpt
09 Second Scout
10 M62
11 Basscadet (Basscadubmx)
12 Eggshell
13 Silverside
14 pce Freeze 2.Bi
15 nth Dafuseder.b
16 Yuop
17 Treale
18 Altbizz
19 Melve
20 Theswere