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Abuse Records in Maria Chavez's Abstract Turntablism Class


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Yesterday, Oneohtrix Point Never‘s Software label retweeted a video from an abstract turntablism class hosted by its new signee, Maria Chavez. As you’ll see in the clip posted by the Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival, the Lima-born, Brooklyn-based sound artist has developed an unconventional approach to DJing and scratching that involves breaking records and putting them back together, a method reminiscent of the Frankenstein record-playing contraptions developed by recent interviewees Vinyl Terror and Horror and the transgressive style of DJing Hieroglyphic Being described to us. Students are instructed to essentially abuse the equipment by flicking the needle across rotating records or rubbing it along the crack of a 12″ that’s folded in half. According to Chavez’s website, her first full-length record on Software is due out “sometime in early 2016.” We’re looking forward to that and, hopefully, some abstract turntablism classes in Germany.

Photo via Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival.