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AGF's NTS Mix Inspired By Female Freedom Fighters In Rojava

Earlier this year, we reported that the fine people at female:pressure were crafting a special compilation in solidarity and in direct support of Rojava‘s female freedom fighters. Following on from the initiative, musician AGF has recorded an inspiring and politically charged collage of female electronic and traditional Syrian musicians, interviews and news clips for NTS Radio entitled “Rojava”. Leading off with the catch-cry “Our societies can never be free unless the women are free; this is our red line,” the mix is a thought-provoking and extremely rewarding hour-long listen.

The whole mix can now be listened to over at the NTS website. AGF also has a new record out, Kon:3p>UTION to: e[VOL]ution via her own AGF Producktion imprint.

Watch an inspiring video about female freedom fighters in Rojava here and learn more about the female:pressure compilation to help benefit their cause here.