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Amon Tobin Is Designing Cars Now

Music lovers, get ready—this really is the car for you. French car company Peugeot have made a car whose main goal seems to be making audio freaks freak—and they tapped Ninja Tune‘s Amon Tobin to handle the interior and exterior sound design. Low-end loving audio company SubPac were also hired to integrate their Tactile Bass technology into every vehicle seat, which means those bangers, ragers and noise exhalations will be rumbling right in your butt.

The result? Well, at this point it’s still a concept car, but people are saying nice things. Personally, we’re happy with our bikes and bulky, gear-carrying vans, but if we ever get jobs that aren’t writing jobs we’ll definitely keep this expensive bad boy in mind. The Peugeot Fractal is making its IRL debut at this year’s Frankfurt Auto Show on September 17-27.