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Download An OG Witch House Mixtape from NIKE7UP

Witch house ain’t dead—like goth, it just got cheesy, full of bands making cookie-cutter tracks, turned into a fashion accessory and then dropped of the cultural radar, only to mutate into a new crop of multi-genre-influenced new producers. Five years after SALEM’s epic King Night was released, there’s still a scene of talented producers making some extremely good shit. Midwestern promoter and producer Mike Textbeak has been showcasing new examples of these and like-minded bands on his radio show CHVяCH XV BяXK3N 7ANGvAG3 (yes, witch house typography lives on) for ages now. One of the early OGs was also one of the greatest. Born before a real template for witchy vibes was set, NIKE7UP offered up dark and twisted reconceptualizations of pop music—Britney Spears cocaine death, interwoven with screwed Michael Jackson and his many shed skins. The Beatles cry out from beyond the void—”I look at all the lonely people.” NIKE7UP was the king of choking out samples ’til their ghosts came out their mouths.

This mixtape is packed with the alternate-dimension pop vibe he created—it’s the perfect way to say goodbye to summer and hello to the season of the Witch.

Download: NIKE7UP Mixtape 2011