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Lou Reed Stars In Anti-Drug Video From The 1980s


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The irony is strong with this one.

On the American side of the Atlantic, the 1980s will be remembered for glitzed-up social conservatism, culture wars, capitalist lifestyle chest-beating and an insidious war on drugs. All of this (and a hell of a lot more) dovetails on this utterly bizarre Rock Against Drugs video from back in the heyday, which features rather unconvincing spiels on the merits of staying clean by  Lou Reed, Ted Nugent and Gene Simmons. Ironically, they all look kind of under the influence themselves—or else intoxicated by their own egos. It’s almost unfathomable that this video was genuinely approved as a) a good idea in the first place and b) a good idea after the footage was shot, and it received a good dose of derision from comedians such as the legendary Bill Hicks.

For some rather more measured arguments on drug use, read this informative piece by two Australian health professionals here, and about the #startwithhalf movement here.