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Apple Wants You To Stop Taking Photos At Concerts

Like to use your iPhone’s camera to take photos of your favorite performers? Apple thinks you’re annoying and kind of wants you to cut it out!

Well…one can only speculate. The design team at Apple has reportedly just filed a patent for a new technology that could be used to disable your iPhone’s camera at concerts (and, well, anywhere).

The basic idea is for new camera optics that are able to receive data via infrared transmission. In theory, this could mean that anyone with a next-generation iPhone would be at the mercy of venues, who could choose to send data that temporarily disables iPhone cameras. And, of course, the ramifcations of such a technology go far beyond the music world: Movie theaters and museums could finally enforce a no cameras policy. Law enforcement could also use such a technology to prevent morally questionable officers from being filmed.

What a bummer, right? Apple, why do you have to be such a buzzkill?

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(Via Fact)