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The Artists Shaping Matter As A Sound-Fueled Quantum Paradox


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Portable Palace is an entryway to quantum knowledge where sound art scientists Evelina Domnitch and Dimitry Gelfand challenge the limits of contemporary physics by the use of high intensity soundwaves. Their installations uncover phenomena of microscopic beauty such as sono-luminescence, sound-triggered levitation or light-induced migration of matter (they once made diamond dust defy gravity and levitate using laser light). Their experiments are scored by the likes of Carter Tutti and Raster-Noton‘s Carsten Nicolai, and they closely relate to the experimental “clique” formed around Phill Niblock’s annual solstice concerts. In the video above, an installation called Implosion Chamber causes oxygen bubbles to implode under the pressure of high frequency sound. The temperatures generated are as high as those found on the surface of the sun, creating shockwaves and luminescent patterns.