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This Music Making App Uses AI To Help You Make Better Beats

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Could this be a glimpse into the future of AI-assisted music creation?

If you work with samples, you probably know the head-spinning sense of disorder it can bring: Sample folders with thousands of tiny clips, generically or badly named, often with the most painstakingly slight differences between “Kick 1” and “Kick 117” to work off when making beats. It’s enough to drive most producers insane.

A new app called Atlas might be set to change all that. It promises to use cutting-edge artificial intelligence to help analyze, order and arrange your samples to both streamline production and boost creativity.

At the heart of it all is SoundClass, Atlas’ propriety AI engine. Using customized neural networks, deep learning, and tailored audio analysis techniques, Atlas anaylzes your samples and organises them using an intuitive interface, allowing you to see a global distribution of sound qualities, overlaps and links.

With functions like “Instant Drumkit” and “Bundled MIDI Clips”, generating loops, different beats and arrangements are streamlined radically, allowing for on-the-fly improvisation and easy ways to chop-and-change sounds in existing beats. Check out how Atlas works in the videos above and below. You can read more about the app at the Algonaut website here.

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