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Barker & Baumecker Return To Ostgut Ton With Second LP

The Berlin-based duo’s latest album delves deep into the experimental space between bass, breaks and techno.

It’s been a bit of a wait since the Barker & Baumecker released their lauded Transsektoral LP in 2012. Now the experimental duo are back with a brand new album called Turns. The outfit is intimately associated with Berghain: Sam Barker is a part of the Leisure System crew and Andreas Baumecker was once the booker at Panorama Bar, and the duo’s studio is located right next to the techno mecca. So it’s no surprise that Turns was influenced by their experiences at the space.

According to the press release, “It’s what I wish people would play at a certain time on Monday morning or sometime in the afternoon on Sunday,” says Baumecker. “There are certain periods in Berghain where I think it’s really necessary to bring people down again and not keep them on the same vibe for six hours. I think something like this would interrupt that, and you can move on from there again.”

Turns comes out on November 25 on Ostgut Ton pre-order here. Check out a teaser video on the group’s Instagram here. And look below for the album art and tracklisting.

CD Tracklist
1. Senden
2. Encipher & Decipher
3. Club Entropicana
4. Technogate
5. Turnhalle
6. Nocturnal
7. Statik

Vinyl Tracklist
A1. Senden
A2. Encipher
B1. Decipher
B2. Club Entropicana
C1. Technogate
C2. Turnhalle
C3. Nocturnal
D. Statik


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