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Maximize Your Decor With Minimalist Synth Posters

For those who wake up, look across at the drab, bare wall opposite and think “Damn, I wish I could remember the different harmonic properties of the sawtooth wave” well, you’ve just lucked out. The guys behind Third Wave Graphics have introduced the perfect visual accompaniment to all electronic obsessives (and those still in bootcamp) with a series of minimal posters depicting the four elemental waveforms used in classic subtractive synthesis — sine, square, sawtooth and triangle.

Designed in a style sitting somewhere in between a ’60s or ’70s experimental record and your loathed science textbook, these posters will have you rattling off the difference between wavelengths and pulse-widths in no time.

If you want to actually play your decor, check out some playable synth and theremin posters.

(via Synthopia)