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Learn The History Of Classical Music With This 100-Hour Playlist

From Medieval chants to minimalism, this is the story of classical music.

Trying to discover classical music is not like digging into other musical styles. Not only is there the weight of hundreds of years of genius to contend with, but there’s also the fact that the very idea of “classical” music has changed a lot over the centuries. Is a Gregorian chant any more classical than Philip Glass‘ minimalist interventions? How does a Beethoven symphony share the same tradition as John Cage‘s chance compositions?

The “History of Classical Music–From Gregorian Chant to Górecki” playlist will help you piece together this complex history. With over 1,200 pieces that encompass the totality of classical music, the playlist is definitely the best place to begin a process of discovery that will be with you for the rest of your life. Scroll down to give it a listen.

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