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Behringer Wants To Cram A TR-808 And TR-909 Into One Box

Behringer’s new drum machine could be a game changer.

Though the company has had something of a spotty reputation in the past, affordable gear specialist Behringer has been on a roll lately. The company’s just dropped DeepMind 12 analog synthesizer has been wowing gear nerds with its relatively cheap price and slick augmented reality interface. And now they’re back at it with a new concept: an affordable drum machine that provides the punch and boom of classic Roland boxes like the TR-808 and TR-909.

The box is still a long way from completion, but Uli Behringer, the company’s founder, has taken to the Gearslutz forum to discuss the development process.

He says, “I can tell you that the team is having lots of fun listening to these drum sounds that greatly contributed to amazing music in the past. It is actually not surprising that people gravitate to analog sounds as it is the imperfection that evokes emotions. Perhaps it is the fact that we humans are analog, too.”

Considering the company’s recent track record, we can’t wait to hear where this goes.

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