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Berlin's Legendary Early 90s Rave Tekknozid Returns

Mark your calendars for October 10, the day one of Berlin’s first techno raves returns. Tekknozoid started back in 1990, when its main residents were Tanith (whose guide to Belgian rave will give you a good idea what Tekknozid sounded like) and Roland 128 bpm. The flyers famously included this message:

“Warning: Tekknozid is not a new synonym for disco. The hardest techno beats from house, industrial, hip-hop, electronic body music (E. B. M.), new beat and acid operate on the subconscious in interaction with psychedelic light installations and effects. The boundaries of time and space disappear in total ecstasy. Visions from the subconscious provide a view into cyberspace, that undefined data space behind monitors, synthesizers and satellite antennas.”

However, the new flyer classifies the reboot as a “Tekkno Classic Rave.” The lineup and location are yet to be announced, which should give you some time to dust off the old glow sticks and whistles.