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Berlin's New Gay Party Brings Clubbing Back To Black-Box Basics

The announcement of a new gay party in Berlin wouldn’t typically top the news cycle—after all, the city hosts a number of standout events already, including Homopatic, Gegen and Cocktail D’Amore—but this one could be something special. Absolution is a secret-location party series being organized by nightlife heavyweights Jonathan Margulies and Gideön Berger that pares down clubbing to its black-box basics. Berger is one of the creative forces behind Block9 and NYC Downlow, the notorious nightlife spot at Glastonbury Festival where, as he told us, “The vibe is a hot, sweaty, testosterone-y black box with a fat sound system, and anything fucking goes.” Sampling from the “darker, dubbier, sleazier end of the spectrum,” music for the first edition of Absolution on December 27 will be supplied by Detroit Swindle, Lakuti and more. Get full details here.