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Discover Rare Music With These 7 Essential YouTube Channels

From rare house and techno to obscure downtempo, these channels will open your mind to a whole world of underground sounds.

Online digging is tough. There’s such a surplus of music out there that it’s almost impossible to listen to it all.

Smart heads know a cool trick though in the form of curated YouTube channels. These have actually become incredibly useful tools for surfing the endless mass of must-hear underground releases and essential (but obscure) old records that have been made immediately available by the internet.

These channels not only provide a sense of order to the chaos, but also serve as important tastemakers. For example: DJ Boring’s “Winona” (track featured below) became a sensation largely thanks to it being uploaded to a channel called “Slav”.

If you want to harness the power of these curated YouTube channels, then you should definitely check out this list of seven of the internet’s best.


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