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This All-Black Lemonade Is The Techno Drink Of The Summer

Expect to see this at a techno club near you very soon.

Everybody knows that you need to wear black if you want to get into Berlin’s coolest techno clubs. Some say it’s getting a little over the top, while others seem to think that it’s not enough to just wear black. For them, we recommend this refreshing-looking beverage that uses a few scoops of activated charcoal to give plain ol’ lemonade that murdered-out swagger. Drink a few of these, and we guarantee that you’ll feel as black on the inside as your head-to-toe Darklands outfit makes you look on the outside.

The recipe is fairly straightforward, but if you want to save time you could probably just empty one or two capsules of activated charcoal into your beverage of choice. Alternatively, for a fun club trick, bring your own capsules into the club to goth up your cocktails and freak out your friends. It’s a great idea, we swear!

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