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'Blade Runner' Has Been Remade In MS-Paint

*Cue ethereal Vangelis synth music*

Nothing is sacred in Hollywood these days. As you’re probably no doubt aware, the studios have decided to revisit Ridley Scott’s ’80s cyberpunk neo-noir masterpiece Blade Runner with a sequel titled Blade Runner 2049. Forgive our cynicism, but other attempts to explore Scott’s early works—such as the ridiculously overhyped POS Prometheus—have not necessarily resulted in anything compelling.

That said, while we wait to be underwhelmed in theaters, we’re sure happy to be completely overwhelmed by the awesomeness of MSP Blade Runner, an ongoing fan-run Tumblr project that strives to be “a shot by shot re-enactment of Blade Runner through the magic of Microsoft Paint. More or less.”

Check out the full project here. Scroll down for some choice scenes.

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