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Boiler Room Address Sexist "Jock-Bro" Problem In Interview

“It’s something we should have done a long time ago.”

As much as we electronic music lovers like to feel like we’re part of a welcoming, inclusive family, the booming dance market has meant that more and more people are flocking to clubs and parties—and people can be real douches. Case in point: During the recent Staycore and Nightwave performances, the live chat became such a plague of bro-spew directed toward the women behind the decks that Boiler Room programmer and host Gabriel Szatan referred to it as “verging on revenge porn”—a pretty damn accurate statement in our opinion.


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Garbage commentary is nothing new for the program, but these two crossed a final line, leading to a Twitter takedown from Nightwave and a response from Boiler Room promising to take steps to eliminate the issue.

In a new interview via Fact, Claire Lobenfeld spoke with Boiler Room’s Gabriel Szatan about what that entails. Read the interview here. Good night, bro pride.

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